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Parasitic Infection! [Apocalyptic AU]
Offline 12-11-2015, 04:11 PM
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RE: Parasitic Infection! [Apocalyptic AU]
i'd love to join it if it didnt have new users silenced. :|
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Offline 12-13-2015, 01:04 AM
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RE: Parasitic Infection! [Apocalyptic AU]
Character name: Vriska X. Serket.
Age: 23.
Ooc Name: Baws.
Height: 7'1.
Group: Zombie.
Location: Downtown New York.
Reference picture:
Preferred weapon: Her arms. Mutated to such an awful, bloody extent that her left forearm has been changed into a blade made of splintered bone, her right arm now a ten-foot tendril. She finds it hsrd to use more than one of her weapons at a time, however.
Pronouns: Anything.
Contact Info: MSPARP forums.
Favorite food: Pizza. Meat feeaaast! <3
Paragraph rp example: There, in the shady darkness of the crumbling husks of the building behind her, stood Vriska Serket. As human as the buildings around her, the parasite that had entered her eye and burrowed into her brain commanded that she slaughter all in her way. She was happy to oblige.

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RE: Parasitic Infection! [Apocalyptic AU]
Character name: Donald "Ghost" Arnette
Age: 23
Ooc Name: Dustin
Height: 5'11"
Group: Traitor
Location: Akron, Ohio (On the way to NYC)
Reference picture: "Ghost"
Preferred weapon: A Sniper Rifle, but those are hard to come by so his Bow and Arrow will have to do.
Pronouns: He/Him
Contact Info: Kik: badwolfbay488
Favorite food: Anything under the sun that won't kill him.
Paragraph rp example: The Ghost was once again on the run, his pursuers unrelenting in their chase. Let's go back to the beginning, no, not when the apocalypse started, just about halfway back from then to now. Donald Arnette was known as a man not to be messed with, rumours of his bloodlust only matched with the disbelief in his existence. These rumours lead to his uprising and downfall. These rumours about "The Don" had become very widespread throughout Washington, eventually reaching the ears of a group known as "The Marauders." The Marauders were a very wealthy and powerful group of Survivors that roamed the U.S, taking all that they wanted and leaving little to no survivors, only to let tales of their travels and exploits spread throughout the West Coast. The Marauders were in Washington at the time and began to seek The Don in an attempt to kill him for the Sport of it, boy were they in for a treat. When they found him holed up in a Forest, he was unrelentless in murdering a good four or five of them. The Marauders saw this as a skill, and recruited him. Within this time, he became known as "The Ghost" due to his habit of leaving only a single survivor, or sometimes none. The Ghost was at home there, but he had morals. He only did what was necessary instead of raping and plundering. He left The Marauders mid expedition and killed three, looting a Bow with some Arrows, a Hatchet, and a Combat knife. And here we are now, a week and a half later and still being chased. He had to finish this now. He peeked his head around a car, the crumbling highway under him shaking with oncoming Hordes. He counted at least four Marauders, a small number due to him weening them off one by one throughout the Journey. The Horde and the Marauders were coming from the South End whilst he was near the North End. Arrows whizzed past him and into the car behind him, vibrating due to their previous velocity. He thought out a plan and collected the arrows, still hiding behind cover. He ran up a bit, dodging the arrows and getting a good distance closer to The Marauders. He drew an arrow and looked at The Horde, then to the car he was hiding behind. He stood up quickly and shot the Horn, letting loose all of it's Horney might. This enraged The Horde, causing them to charge at The Marauders. While The Marauders were too busy running to take cover, Ghost began to shoot them down and took out two of the bastards. He left the rest for fate to decide, as he began to run as well. This is when he came off and onto another highway, his heart pounding and no hordes or Marauders in sight. He saw a Motorcycle, a Harley at that, and knew he had to have it, it even had the keys in it! He grabbed a Straw from one of his pockets and began to search cars left and right for gas, using the straw to suck some up into his mouth and taste it. Eventually, after two hours of getting sick and NEARLY DYING FROM THAT STUPID IDEA, he had a full gas tank in the motorcycle. He turned the ignition and sat back, placing his gloved hands on the handles. The Ghost's journey to New York City would now begin. (( Sorry, this isn't really an IC example, but more an example of a starter. An IC example is a little bit smaller than this. ))

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Offline 12-15-2015, 07:03 AM
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RE: Parasitic Infection! [Apocalyptic AU]
Bump, hopefully the mods return.

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RE: Parasitic Infection! [Apocalyptic AU]
Bumpy bumparoo

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Offline 12-17-2015, 01:45 PM
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RE: Parasitic Infection! [Apocalyptic AU]
Hello people who check out this page! If you do fill in a form please note that the mods won't be online and haven't been for a while. I myself an not a mod but have come to inform you that your form may have to wait a while. Thank you for understanding.

I would help you but that's too much work.

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Offline 01-18-2016, 05:14 AM
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RE: Parasitic Infection! [Apocalyptic AU]
Hi! This is a message from your neighborhood pineapple!
Of course this is an automatic message copied and pasted from my files you don't really think I would type this out? Anywho, I have been contacted from anonymous who claimed that this page had art by me that was used without my perission! As owner of the art above I request you take it down please. ;v;

I'm sorry but when you said that you revamped it, I thought you'd make a new forum layout and banners ;o;
I think the art being replaced woud actually be nice since these characters are long gone c;
BUt you are not allowed to use my art since it is outdated and I did not make it for this revamp ;~;
Again, sorry and have a good day/night~

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Offline 01-18-2016, 05:29 AM
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RE: Parasitic Infection! [Apocalyptic AU]
As per the site rules, do not copy & paste descriptions wholesale in your group listings if you do not have permission from the original creator.

As such, the art has been removed and this memo will be closed & archived. Feel free to reopen a new memo for the chat which is of your own creation.
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