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The Long Dark RolePlay |Edit|Again|
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The Long Dark RolePlay |Edit|Again|
~The Long Dark~
A survival roleplay

How far will you go to survive?
You find yourself stranded in Canada after a geomagnetic disaster. Food and water are scarce, the roads are no longer safe. And the harsh winter approaches, with no use of electronics to aid your way

Canada: A country above the USA. Geomagnetic: A disturbance of Earth's magnetosphere
Rules to follow:

• All OOC must be kept in brackets
• Ask OOC before harming another character
• If your character has died, you must ask a moderator for a revival
• If you are found breaking the rules, your character may suddenly die
• Spammers, trollers, or anyone who joins this chat to purposely cause harm will be silenced

Almost everything is curable from wolf bites, scraps, to setting yourself on fire and hypothermia
If you do end up dying, your character's past will be erased and replaced with an NPC
You may ask for a revival slip, but you won't get to have any previous relations
This is a mostly Paragraph style chat. OC's, Homestuck Canon including Trolls and some other species are allowed.
OC's must check in with a moderator before rping
For other fandom characters please ask a mod
This is not Humanstuck if that was not clear, however you may make your character human if you wish


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Main Chat |

OOC Chat |

Map |

The Game/Inspiration |


((I am sorry the colors are a fucking mess.))

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