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How did you find your muses?
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RE: How did you find your muses?
Gamzee and Eridan. I was frustrated without how the fandom often misinterprets these two, so made a point of studying them both and reading lots of tutorials and developing my own theories on their canon behavior. Eridan was my first muse, and Gamzee is currently one of my mains and might be my favorite to roleplay. I love his character and the complexity that can be brought into it, even if at first glance he's extremely one-dimensional.
Rose. She's been my favorite character since the start, her vocabulary is a blessing to the world, and I have quite a bit in common with her (or at least I like to think that I do). I also love the realistic, deep relationships she has with other people, and how complex her character is in canon. Also, she's a badass.
Bro. Honestly, I'm not sure, but somehow he's now one of my more developed and most played muses. Not sure how that happened, but people seem to like his stupid-ass face and hot bod.
Roxy. Because she's fuckin' adorable, I don't see enough of her on parp, and Rose was taken at the time in the rp I was in so I figured shit, why not give the Sass Queen a go? turns out she's super fun to write and I adore her character.
Handmaid. This may sound ridiculous, but she became my muse due to a flippant mention of a crackship on skype. This crackship is now one of my OTPs. So I decided I wanted to actually invest time into the thing, and in doing so I had to invest time in Handmaid. She's one of my most recent muses, and quickly becoming one of my favorites.

For most of my other muses, it was something along the lines of "my main muses are taken in this group chat, how about I try this one, wait people really like it / I really like it." That or "this person on cherubplay is asking for Darkleer, so I'll read up on it and give it a shot and whelp I rp him regularly now." I play a lot of other characters as well, and the beginning of each muse is totally different from the last.

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RE: How did you find your muses?
Oh gosh- okay.
Im just going to go the spoiler route, but dont really bother reading this- its probably going to be shit and cringe worthy. You have been warned.

The end.
Wow, what a shit-post.

This is stupid.
All my OTPS, sitting in a tree. HOMO-SEX-U-AL-ITY
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Away 09-19-2015, 08:06 PM (This reply was last modified: 09-19-2015 08:39 PM by Ness.)(Edited by Ness.)
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RE: How did you find your muses?
Ahhh... Mine is Sollux. This character is actually the culprit that got me into checking out Homestuck long ago, a friend from a Smash Bros. Forum coaxed me to take a HS personality quiz and I got Sollux consistently.. After reading HS I could see why I kept getting him, and I indeed do relate to him a lot! I tried RPing him for the first time on Pesterchum, and my responses flowed naturally. People complimented me a lot, and the friend that tricked me into hopping into the HS fandom even said, "omg your Sollux is so believable".

So I knew I HAD to be doing something right. So I kept on canon RPing Sollux because it flows out well, and because I have a lot of fun showing that saucy swagger, and leaving people flabbergasted during moody fits. I branched out to blind/half ghost last year as well but... I swear that it has gotten to the point where I have to actually dabble on coding + brush up on vocab to further improve my RPing. I am perfectly okay with doing both though!

"Man where the hell'd that awesome clown go???"
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RE: How did you find your muses?
Sollux is just how i am in general, we're extremely similar.
Mituna is me on a bad day. and not like a "bad day" i mean a bad "mental" day where none of my shit is together.

that's all there is to it, my muses were easy to find.

i like to RP eridan Spade sollux
and vriska Spade feferi
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Offline 09-22-2015, 10:33 PM
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RE: How did you find your muses?
Im really bad at RPing, but I've grown fond of Tavros because I felt like he needed love. I've been John a couple of times and I'm practicing Jade, but Tavros remains my all time favorite. But I find myself RPing OCs a good portion of the time.

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I am the Swiss Chandelure of MSPARP. I can play as tAVROS, John or jade. Or as a Chandelure
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RE: How did you find your muses?
I started out trying to be John! This was because I actually didn't really like anyone else starting out except the Trolls and at that point I had nooooooooooo idea how to do any of them.

As I got better at John (pls more like getting less awful) I got really into JohnKat and started wondering, what's it like on the other side?

At that point I'd gotten more familiar with the trolls in general and gods my initial struggles with Karkat were off the charts but now I think I'm a fairly decent one.

From there I branched out to the Striders, and while I can do a lot of muses now my main ones are Karkat (from perseverance) and Dirk (also from perseverance) and probably Feferi (from a :o moment in which I attempted Feferi due to my 'victimizing' streak making others not as good in my list of options and also due to the fact that Karkat had been taken).

I don't actually RP Feferi as much as I could-- which is probably a shame, because I understand her fairly well and have a bit of a unique take to her (I don't play her as quite the excitable and over the top shrill girl others seem to play her up to be).

That's about it. :]

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Offline 09-23-2015, 04:44 PM
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RE: How did you find your muses?
I just like Nepeta hahahahaaaaaaaaaa

I used to be utterly awful but after like a year or so I'm the Nepeta that I am today

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Offline 09-25-2015, 08:25 AM (This reply was last modified: 09-25-2015 08:26 AM by artisticAnarchy.)(Edited by artisticAnarchy.)
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RE: How did you find your muses?
I tried out Aradia first. "Well, I'm lots like her, her quirk isn't complicated, she's one of my favorite characters, it can't be that bad, right?"
I was so wrong, so OOC and so awful at doing her, I recognized it in the first few roleplays I've had. They were fortunadely short and the roleplayers didn't seem to mind, but I eventually gave up on doing her.
While I was uninterested in roleplaying, Damara grew quite a lot on me. It was fun to draw her, read about her, and I eventually tried my hand at rping her.
Turns out she's really fun to do, and I'm not terrible at it, so I'm trying to improve a lot on doing her. A shame I can't find any guides, but from her dialogue I can try to figure out what to do.
I'm still awful at it, though.
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Offline 09-25-2015, 09:38 AM (This reply was last modified: 12-19-2015 07:08 PM by Glub.)(Edited by Glub.)
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RE: How did you find your muses?
Ohhh man, I remeber when I first started out rping....
I was a Karkat first, because I was a great warrior of "ANTIFANON," and I wanted to be the very best that there ever was. Basically, I said "Fuck it let's jump in," and kind of just. Plummeted into MSPARP headfirst. I mean, I was an okay Karkat, but something just didn't click for me. He wasn't like me at all, and at the time I was just really lazy and didn't want to put too much effort into rping, so I switched over to John. Ughhgghggh that was terrible,,, I was one of the really OOC ones that didn't use punctuation, and typed ":B" occasionally like,,, kill me, for I have sinned.

I moved on to ruin roleplay Jade next, but that kinda. Didn't turn out too good, since we didn't "click" either, so I just floated away from her as well. I was kind of just in a "fuck it all" mode when I, on some crazy whim, decided to roleplay Eridan upon remembering how fanon this one person was (cough cough i was a huge hypocrite cough).

So whoops I kinda just tripped and fell into Eridan zone. My first rp with him was a sadstuck, and for some reason that I can't exactly remember, I used proper grammar, punctuation, and I disabled his quirk???? Idk I was BAD. I was rping with a Karkat, who was,,,, eh. They were alright, better than most but not the best, and we ended up finishing the rp on a bittersweet note. They told me that I was "the best Eridan they had ever seen," which made me sorta happy, cause shit man, that was the first time anyone had ever complimented me! So i kept at it, because I wanted more compliments from people, and eventually I mega evolved into """the best Eridan""" or smthn and now i'm just like,,, well, shit, can't stop now.

As I got better at Eridan, I remember discovering many things about him, and after a bit of time, I finally got the "click" that I wanted when playing a character, and my god it was satisfying as shit. I'm not going to say that I act like Eridan, because I don't, but I'll say that many of our key traits are the same, which makes him a lot easier to play for me.

I'm entirely self taught with Eridan honestly, and I have a vow of celibacy that has yet to be broken when it comes to my eyes and Eridan guides. Never read a single one, but apparently I'm still awesome, so. Ye.

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Offline 09-25-2015, 12:19 PM
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RE: How did you find your muses?
This is going to probably take a little bit, so I'm going to just shove all this muse info into a box. Hahaha.

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i like making sprites sometimes so i did a sprite of davesprite
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