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Who's up for another Road Trip?
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Offline 08-22-2015, 12:41 PM
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Who's up for another Road Trip?
I've got multiple tickets to paradise, and if you're reading this then let me be the first to say: Congratulations, you have just been selected to participate in a cross country roadtrip across the United States of Whatever America. This top of the line charter bus contains twenty six seats and one bathroom along with multiple storage units over head and a huge space underneath for big ol things like that Cello you always carry around! I'm looking at you Paula! Our journey will begin from West going East, starting in the great state of California and ending in the other great state of New York. Not the city, the state. New York is over crowded as it is. So I hope you packed enough clothes and brought enough money on that credit card!

1. Don't be that meanie butt when talking ooc
2. To keep things less confusion, we're going to stick to Homostuck Homestuck characters only.
2-II. No Homestuck OC's, sorry m9
3. We have a driver on a predetermined route, so no shifting the course unless it is for a rest stop.
4. When the rp starts picking up, keep the ooc to a minimum. Too much ooc chat clogs up the place and discourages newcomers.
4-II. Speaking of newcomers, once we get about five people minimum, then auto-silence is turned on. Too many people gets things way too out of hand.
5. Don't spam the chat, both with the meat and the action of spamming.
6. Obey your mod and all of his subordinate mods.
7. Don't blow up the bus.
7-II. That means don't kill anyone.
8. No NSFW things. So no having the sex on the bus, but milder things are ok. Just don't get overly graphic.
9. This is not humanstuck, so have fun letting the trolls try out earth things for the first time! Like Starbucks, cheeseburgers, and Walmart.
10. We done here? Ok, have fun.

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Offline 08-22-2015, 02:52 PM
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RE: Who's up for another Road Trip?
Gonna lightly bump this since we have afk's

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Offline 08-24-2015, 06:35 AM
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RE: Who's up for another Road Trip?
Bumps this heavily and hopeingly

Hallo! I go by Rhea.
Big Gulp. Nn.
The Dynamic Duo of Rea and Nick.
Derived from the time Rea and Nick skipped 1st period, and went to spend their $3 at 7-11. Rea had something in her wallet that sparked ideas in both hers and Nick's heads, having to do with their Big Gulp drink.
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