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The "Knose Uses TTS"-Album.
Offline 07-29-2015, 07:39 PM
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The "Knose Uses TTS"-Album.
yeah, take it easy. no viruses i wouldn't spread viruses ffs. It's just that the songs have some copyrighted midi's and music so I've got to upload it to mediafire instead. It's an album where I, the Knose, mostly fuck around in Audacity with effects and add shitty Text To Speech-mp3's. It cracked me up, so who knows maybe you will have a good laugh too.

Song List:
Where Are Bagels (Agnes Pick Them Up)
Goodbye DIRK
Monkey on the Car/The Universe
Corruption of Mind and Soul Creates Imaginary Friends
No Home No Land
Re:Goodbye DIRK

have fun

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