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A (Somewhat) Masterpost for guides HS roleplaying
Offline 01-15-2013, 08:47 AM (This reply was last modified: 01-15-2013 08:47 AM by formalAnarchist.)(Edited by formalAnarchist.)
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A (Somewhat) Masterpost for guides HS roleplaying
Roleplaying is hard, eh? Figuring out the kinks in a character that you just can't grasp is a strenuous process. There tends to be a lot of help out there already though, so here's some sites I know about. is an extremely helpful site, for one. From getting your prose in check to guides on how to deal with different styles, this site has literally everything you can think of and more. is also a helpful, with a pretty conclusive list on different characters to roleplay along with a number of misconceptions for different characters. In fact, I believe they link to rpedia in some parts for character roleplaying help.

But yeah, this is by far not a conclusive list so feel free to add other rp-help sites or pages you know about.
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RE: A (Somewhat) Masterpost for guides HS roleplaying
'Lo! I'm the person behind RPedia actually, so imagine my shock when I saw the first link ahahaha! Just so everyone who passes through here knows, I'm working on more How To Roleplay guides for all the characters of Homestuck, or at least all the Kids and Trolls if nothing else. So I hope I'll be an even bigger help soon!

About other places to go that I like to hang out at: is one of my favorites to go to when I need a hand for something particularly Homestuckian. while not directly an RP help blog, a lot of these peeves are common. So it can give you a good idea what people might flinch away from, or at least what SOMEONE out there dislikes. Maybe not for roleplay 100%, but you can get some great starter ideas for quicky plots on MsParp as well.

And of course people can send in messages to RPedia, or even shoot me a PM here, and I'll answer just about anything I get. (In... time... I'm kind of slow on answering, sorry guys.)

You can catch me on my roleplaying tumblr as whoawaitwhatrp, I'm usually playing Eridan, Dave, Karkat or Dualscar, but I play just about anyone. Oh I also write RPedia which is a help-blog for roleplayers!
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RE: A (Somewhat) Masterpost for guides HS roleplaying
Entirely indications that have data about the forms to get on this along with the manual that was good to read. Having modes about the draw on this along with the books to read in 20s was available at the bulletin boards this was useful to get data on this list.
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