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Looking for MY toreador
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Sad Looking for MY toreador
I'm looking for my friend, don't know if (s)he has an account because I spoke to them before I signed up... but their handle was adiosToreador, small a - big T. If anyone speaks with someone matching this name, please refer me to them.SadHeart / Diamond[/tavros][/rufioh][/size][/font]
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RE: Looking for MY toreador
I guess when they left the last thing you saw was


Hallo! I go by Rhea.
Big Gulp. Nn.
The Dynamic Duo of Rea and Nick.
Derived from the time Rea and Nick skipped 1st period, and went to spend their $3 at 7-11. Rea had something in her wallet that sparked ideas in both hers and Nick's heads, having to do with their Big Gulp drink.
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