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Quirks and using them in Paragraph Roleplay
Away 05-03-2015, 12:00 AM (This reply was last modified: 05-03-2015 03:14 AM by Kase.)(Edited by Kase.)
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Quirks and using them in Paragraph Roleplay
This more of an initiation to a discussion of opinion and personal preference, than me actually giving you tips and tricks when it comes to using quirks in paragraph RP. If you prefer not to use a character's quirk during paragraph RP then fine. It's actually preferable with certain characters that have a quirk that adds numbers or characters to their text. (I.E: Feferi, Terezi and Equius)

Personally, the only characters that I believe should keep the quirk on during their speaking parts are Eridan, Karkat and Sollux. Mainly because their quirks reflect how they speak. Karkat literally speaks with an elevated volume, Eridan stutters his w's and v's and Sollux does have a lisp. The same can go for Drunk!Roxy and Drunk!Rose, when they mispronounce words. You can even keep the various puns the Peixes, Zahhaks and Leijons make.

How I would paragraph RP Eridan is as follows: "W-what a fuckin' trav-vesty this bullshit is," Eridan said raising on hand in confusion whilst curling his upper lip. "I'v-ve been bustin' my coddamn bulge tryin' to prev-vent this shit from happenin' and it goes and occurs anyw-way." He buried his head in his hand. "Fuck my life."

I paragraph RP Karkat as follows: With knitted brow and a clearly frustrated scowl, Karkat turned to face his verbal opposer and retorted, "HOW ABOUT YOU CEASE TAINTING MY ANIMOSITY-PROFICIENT THINKPAN WITH YOUR INNATE ABILITY TO BE A SHITSCRAPING PILE OF BARKBEAST FECES." He then proceeded to flick his opponent off before turning back to being engrossed in his romantic literature.

I would Paragraph RP Sollux as follows: "Thith ith thuch bullthit." Sollux muttered under his breath wiping the mustard-colored sweat from his forehead with one of his rags that weren't covered in mind honey.

Feel free to leave your comments and preferences below. This is all personal preference and what I think the characters would be like. I'd love to hear what you all think about this.

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Offline 05-03-2015, 04:03 AM
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RE: Quirks and using them in Paragraph Roleplay
Also Meulin, because when she types in all Caps it symbolises that she is deaf and can't hear how loud she is speaking. Same with Cronus's quirk if we assume he has the same type of speech as Eridan. Plus if Vriska is dragging on you can always make her say the letter eight times.

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Offline 05-18-2015, 05:06 AM
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RE: Quirks and using them in Paragraph Roleplay
Since quirks are directly referenced by characters to translate to speech (see Latula's "4" ambiguity) and an important part of their identity/self-expression I personally prefer quirks to be maintained in paragraph dialogue. I understand if people skip it because they don't know how to do it (since it's currently a bit fiddly to set it up properly/typing it out manually is work), and you REALLY don't want to quirk the rest of your paragraph or descriptions. Basically, you can circumvent the issue by taking the replacements from your quirk and wrap them to only apply inside a set of dialogue delimiters of your choice (e.g. quotation marks).

Now I know people are uncomfortable with regex, so in that light, here is a quick guide/reference on how to easily do it on current msparp for the beta trolls. I use quotation marks here since that's comfortable to type and what's commonly used, but you can use any other delimiters, just replace them in the expressions below.

Hope this helps everyone's lazy-but-excellently-quirked paragraphing needs. I can write up alpha trolls/etc. as well if there is demand!
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Offline 05-23-2015, 03:08 PM
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RE: Quirks and using them in Paragraph Roleplay
Personally, I tend to leave the quirks out of the dialogue if it's humanstuck, since it's unusual for a human to shoehorn numbers into their speech. For others (say Roxy, Karkat, or Meulin), it's doable, since people tend to slur their words when drunk, and some people just have their voices set to loud. I also like keeping the puns in when playing Equius, Feferi, Nepeta, and other characters who use it.

Since it was stated some characters speak in the same manner they quirk, I usually put those in dialogues. Sollux's lisp can be a bit hard to read sometimes though, so I just leave it out of dialogue, but state that he has a lisp somewhere in the description.

Examples? Examples.

For Karkat: Pretty much the same way as Cynical's example, though sometimes I don't keep the all caps and I just use something like "yelled" or "shouted" to describe it.
"This is a generic sample text!" bawled Karkat.

For Sollux: Yeah, still the same if I want to add the lisp in, but if not...
"Some generic text here," Sollux muttered, his lisp pronounced on every 's' sound.

For Eridan: I picked it up from someone at another website, and have been using it ever since.
"Howuh-w wery qu-wuhaint," remarked the seadweller.

With Eridan's, it probably needs a bit of an explanation. Well, see, since it was said he speaks in a wavy accent (ww and vv), the best way to emulate that is to make him stutter. But since he does so with an accent, I think he makes a point to prolong it more than a usual stutter, doing it on words that have a distinct 'w' sound (how, quaint), instead of 'w' words (writhe, shipwreck). As for the 'vv', I've always replaced them with 'w's instead, but I can easily see him going "vuh-very" too.

That's just my personal preference though.

but why?

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Offline 06-01-2020, 02:28 AM
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RE: Quirks and using them in Paragraph Roleplay
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