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I present to you all 16 of my OCs
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I present to you all 16 of my OCs
(And yes, these are all the kids to be featured in Dwellingconfined)
Yo, so I got me a batch of OCs that I'm developing, I would like to meet either canon characters or your own OCs, don't really care much either way. I have 4 humans and 12 trolls. The following will be a brief description of each of my little babies. All approximately 16 of the human years. I hope you don't mind reading 16 (17 counting this one) paragraphs to see who you like best.

Luke Hirsch: Wears round glasses, a white shirt with orange double music note, jeans, earrings, blonde spiked up hair dyed teal and purple at the tips. Likes to think he's a rather attractive, stoic hipster, in reality a huge crybaby nerd that needs friendship.

Thea Uguiusu: Wears a pink bunny design on her white shirt, a brown skirt is held up with rainbow suspenders over her shoulders. Her hair blonde hair is pulled into two Hatsune Miku-esque Pigtails. She is an excitable weeaboo (or possibly not, she may be actual Japanese with a last name like her's) that owns a creepy doll named Calaboose, which she constantly totes around her shoulders.

Finn Twaine: Has straightened black hair to his chin. He wears a shirt depicting yellow sticks of lit dynamite, glasses, and camouflage colored cargo shorts. He wants to bring the government to it's knees in the name of anarchy, but aside from that he's pretty funny and really sarcastic. Probably a homosexual.

Fran Rosario: Dark hair cut in a bob. Muscular, and as such wears a white tank top with a brown dumbbell design, basketball shorts, athletic shoes, and nice shades. She worries immensely for Finn, she is basically the Equius to his Nepeta. Rather Catholic as well, wearing a gold crucifix.

Dismas Bogdan: Messy black hair covers this maroon-blood's eyes. Over his beat up and filthy shirt with a Bootes constellation logo and pants he wears a robe the color of his blood. His horns are like that of a cow, and he has a nose piercing. His quirk is adding extra o's and oe's in his words, making him sound like he's mooing. He is a simple and friendly farm boy, and doesn't have a full grasp on proper grammar. He likes Troll Japanese music.

Ixchel Eidell: Brown Indus constellation is on her black shirt. She also wears white colored pants and glasses that aid he heavily damaged eyesight. Her horns are both shaped like arrows and she is considered the best lowblood for the job if you want a shot fired at somebody.

Cerena Bicapi: With her hair pulled up into a ponytail and her black bodysuit, trimmed with yellow around the collar, along the sleeves for the arms and legs, and along the center where it zips. Her official symbol of the Drafting Compass is on the left side of the uniform's chest. Around her neck hang a blue pair of goggles. Her right horn is like Kanaya's and the other curls up into a circle on itself. She enjoys robots, spaceships and the company of her Moirail. And just about nothing else.

Dorian Airwan: Wears a white shirt instead of black, with a lime green colored Draco symbol. A black hoodie jacket covers his shirt, when zipped. His jeans are black and shoes a nice teal color, as well as a ring the same color as his shoes, worn for his Moirail. He's calm and logical, except when romance is involved, then that goes right out of the window. Has a massive homo flushed crush on the next troll listed.

Makram Takara: He has hair curled up short afro/"jewfro" style. Horns look similar to Gamzee's. He wears an black shirt with Olive green Lyra constellation logo. He always carries around his favorite guitar, which doubles as a bludgeoning weapon for hunting. Absolutely in the gay with Dorian.

Matyan Damvey: Wears a loose Jade green dress, belted around the waist with a golden "o-o-o" symbol, his logo. Thick "Troll Russian" accent, quirk is to replace B's and G's with their Cyrillic alphabet counterpart. Wears long black and white socks. Hair neat and refined in a bowl cut. Horns are like two "O" letters on pegs.

Tuzhen Sigrun: Wears a shirt with her teal Telescopium symbol and a white overcoat with the collar popped up. She wears shades and an earpiece, as if a secret agent. Her hair flares up into spikes in the front. one horn points directly off, whereas the other curves outward to the side. She runs a blog for Alternian Empire-related conspiracy theories and has a grandiose and exaggerated approach to every small detail. It is her, she is troll Alex Jones. Dorian is her Moirail.

Mohana Chenda: Her horns are shaped like a fox's ear and her hair goes down to her waist. Over her black shirt with Cerulean Velpulcia(sp?) symbol she wears a jean jacket, and her skirt over her blue stockings is made of the same material. Upon her head is a naval officer's cap. Probably the smartest person on the team.

Ledena Alarch: Wears a black bodysuit like Cerena Bicapi does, but with Blue instead of yellow. Her symbol is that of the "Cygnus" swan constellation. Her horns are shaped like the outer lines of her symbol. She wears a purple bracelet on her wrist for her crush, Shedir.

Shedir Arabus: One of his horns is short, and the other much longer. Purple Cassiopeia symbol on his shirt. Bags are under his eyes, and he wears glasses most of the time. Like most in the cast he wears facepaint for religion-based reasons. Is known to be elusive and generally hangs out in his large mansion of a home, not contacting very many people besides Ledena and Dorian.

Korona Telmed: Both horns are bent, pointing forward. She wears a gladiator's helmet at practically all times. Underneath is a head shaved nearly bald. She is a seadweller. She wears a cape with her Corona Borealis logo stitched on it. Loyal always to the kingdom and her likely redrom partner, described below.

Folant Anirin: The Prince of his gaggle of trolls, so naturally a fuschia blooded seadweller. He wears a black shirt with the Sextans symbol upon it. His hair is a mirror of Luke's but black, rather than blond. Horns like the Amporas. Wears lots of jewelry that is gold and purple. He is in charge of the whole place and knows it, and thus acts like a gigantic prick.

OCs (Homestuck Batch):
OCs (DanganRonpa Batch): (coming soon)

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RE: I present to you all 16 of my OCs
-interstellarNavigator (IN) began trolling [all 12 trolls] -

IN: {yoo sup doods! de names mierna kohlls--olive blood whos obsessed w/ space lol. pleasure ta meet ya!}

-psychicAssassin (PA) joined chat-

PA: Ugh, please Mierna. Learn how to spell, please.
IN: {screw u naiyia xP}
PA: Pft.
PA I didn't come here to be bothered by you, Mierna.
PA: Apologies for that. My name is Naiyia Pirsen. I am a navy-blue blooded troll. My main interest is learning about our dear planet's history. It's a pleasure.

-deltaOmniscient (DO) joined chat-

DO: 4'ight, 4ll y'4ll shut yo f4ces 4nd let me get 4 word in here.
PA: Oh gosh, the tan-blood is here...
DO: oi. i s4id shut yo f4ce, blueblood. dumb4ss.
DO: the n4me's jullee k4nsic. like the idiot blueblood s4id, i'm 4 t4nblood. get over it.
DO: if 4ny of y'4ll know 4 good thrill, be sure to tell me! i will seriously do 4nythin' for 4 good thrill! 4nd i me4n 4nythin'.

-assignedMastery (AM) joined chat-

AM: my hivemate made me do thish... i have no choiche in the matter.
AM: my name is mikala ellysha. i will not shay anything elshe about me. otherwishe, it will compromishe my hivemate'sh and my shafety. her and i share a hushktop, sho i'm giving it over to her now.
IN: {oh sweet! PCs comin! :D}

-assignedMastery (AM) left chat-
-peacefullyCurious (PC) joined chat-

PC: >//> h-hi...
IN: {hhhhheeeeeyyyyyyy PC! :D}
PC: >//> hi mierna
PC: >//> so, um. my name's jahrra verona, and, um...
DO: 4w, c'mon now, PC! quit bein' so shy, girl! no one's gonn4 h4rm y4!
PC: >//> i-i know...
PC: >//< well, uh... mikala, my hivemate... she doesn't want me saying anything else about me, so, um... yeah...

-nameUnknown (NU) joined chat-

NU: H3ll0. D0 n0+ 45k m3 f0r my n4m3, pl3453. 1 d0 n0+ kn0w 1+.
NU: 1 4m n0+ +3chn1c4lly l1v1ng, n0r 4m 1 d34d. 1 4m 4 r0b0+. 1 d0n'+ kn0w wh0 my cr34+0r 15, bu+ 1 4m l00k1ng f0r +h3m.
NU: 1n +3chn1c4l +3rm5, my bl00d 15 4 g0ld3n-y3ll0w.

((and thats all my trolls x3))

[Image: ksfdl.png]
(made by OneBigParadox :D)
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RE: I present to you all 16 of my OCs
I turned on my system about after five years suddenly I opened a great memo after 5 years it is very funny. His memo exist in which file where a bestessays au funny file with many clips f funny people.
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