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a spammer Jake
01-20-2015, 09:27 AM
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a spammer Jake
So I roleplay on here as Laughing Jack, and I keep running into this one Jake who the second he sees me keeps spouting "no one loves you" towards me. I myself shrug this off but if he tells this to some one suicidal or depressed he could cause them to kill themselves. I am giving you all fair warning, be careful with being LJ around Jakes or else you will find the one I have that will spam the same line at you
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RE: a spammer Jake
That is not how suicide and depression work.

If you are suicidal or depressed, please do not go on MSPARP. There are lots of trolls on there and the other users are not trained as therapists. There are a number of websites where you might seek help, though, if you need it. Here is one:

However, if you truly are experiencing suicidal thoughts, you should tell someone who you know in person. If you are in school, it is likely that your school or college has a counselor of some kind. Please go and talk to them.

Relying on the anonymous internet when you are experiencing mental health problems is a very risky business and not recommended at all. In addition to the fact that you are likely to encounter someone who does not have your best interests in mind, you would do well to remember that other people online often suffer from similar problems and you are likely to send them spiraling into depression and anxiety, especially if you try to repeatedly rely on them for assistance. This doesn't mean you shouldn't seek help, only that you should seek it in the right places.
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