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Do not respond to this Forum if you're not staff
Offline 01-08-2015, 05:22 PM
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Do not respond to this Forum if you're not staff
Unless you actually know the answers to questions, please do not respond to this Forum. If you are not MSPARP staff and are posting responses that are pure speculation, you are doing a disservice to the other users by feeding them false information. Even if you have good intentions, this kind of behavior leads to confusion and the spreading of rumors that can send people panicking.

We appreciate that some of our users want to help others, but taking on a role that you haven't been trained for actually makes more problems for both the staff and the users.

I will try to pay more attention to the Forums now, but if this behavior persists, then the users causing trouble will be warned and then possibly have their access to the Forums and MSPARP itself restricted.
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