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NSFW Connections changed to 18+ Roleplay Connections
Offline 12-01-2014, 08:27 PM
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NSFW Connections changed to 18+ Roleplay Connections
I have noticed an alarming trend of people potentially soliciting cyber sex through the NSFW Connections board. There are a number of reasons why I am not comfortable with people doing this on my website.

I can understand how there might be some confusion, particularly for people who are not part of fandoms (and have never read Homestuck, as is the case with some of the people making these posts) and do not understand the concept of roleplaying characters. In non-fandom parlance, roleplaying can refer to playing set archetypal roles during sex. Like a doctor or a teacher or a military officer or something like that. That's fine and good and there are places on the internet where you can do that sort of thing.

MSPARP is not one of them. Neither are any of the websites I pay for. If I see you soliciting it or replying to such solicitations, expect to be banned from the forums and set to permanent panda king status on MSPARP.
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