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Creating a Homestuck OC - A Not-So-Short Guide
Offline 07-28-2014, 01:49 AM (This reply was last modified: 07-28-2014 02:04 AM by eternallyDamned.)(Edited by eternallyDamned.)
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Rainbow Creating a Homestuck OC - A Not-So-Short Guide
So you wanna make an OC, eh?

Well, chances are, you're in the correct place!

Now, what does it mean to have an OC? Well, normally, it's a character you draw or roleplay with. Simple, right? Well, yes, actually. Though, you can do so much more with them outside of that, too. However, sometimes, OCs are a bit on the... Well, shitty side. This is especially true within the Homestuck fandom. Now, I'm not saying ALL OCs are shit, but sometimes people neglect to develop their OC or the OC was made by an obnoxious 12-year-old girl.

Now, why am I telling you this? Well, chances are, if you're reading this, you wanna know how to make a good OC that people will love. Now, let's get started!

This thread will contain information cited from other sources, with a few of my own thoughts and headcanons mixed in. The point of this thread is to help others, however, you don't have to follow this guide completely. Again, I only want to help others, not force them to do something they don't feel like doing.


Now, one key element of an OC is their theme. It can be subtle, like with fankids, or it can be played as straight as an arrow, like with fantrolls.

Now, for fankids, you shouldn't really worry too much about theme, but hey, if you wanna go for it, go for it. However, themes tend to really work best if you're going to make a group of fankids so that they all fall under the same idea. The Alpha kids, if you took the time to notice, are based around the four Noble Gases (Helium, Neon, Xenon, and Krypton), which are unable to make bonds. The Beta kids are based around the four classical elements (Air, Water, Earth, and Fire). Note how these themes have to do with 4, however, you don't have to follow that if you don't want to.
Theme ideas you could potentially use are the four card suits (Hearts, Spades, Diamonds, and Clubs), the four temperments (Choleric, Melancholic, Sanguine, and Phlegmatic), or the four seasons (Fall, Spring, Summer, and Winter).

For fantrolls, themes are typically played straight. If you're aiming to make a group of fantrolls, you'd need an idea to work with. The Beta trolls are obviously based around the zodiac, while the Alpha trolls are based around internet culture/stereotypes. With your idea in mind (it can be anything, really. The seven deadly sins, the heavenly virutes, animals, ect.), you're going to need to make a certain theme for each fantroll. This will take a bit of research and looking around for ideas. Let's use my OC, Catuba Corvus as an example because, oh god, was she fun to make.
Say you have an indigo blood based on crows and just birds in general. That's a good start, but how can we make them better? Well, what do we know about crows? They're very, very smart. Alright, good! Let's add that to your character. Crows caw. Alright, that could be added to their quirk.
Now, let's research some more. Let's say you want your troll to be female. Female trolls are generally very, very aggressive and violent (except Feferi). Nepeta? More like BADASS. Alright, so. Given the fact that this troll is an indigo-blood, they're gonna be extra-violent and extra-STRON-- *ahem*, strong. Now, let's look up 'Goddesses relating to crows'. Oh? Well, look what we have here! Catubodua, goddess of war whose name translates to 'battle crow'. Perfect! Let's shorten that name to Catuba. Now, seeing that Catubodua was a goddess of war, we'd probably make the troll interested in war and military. With this information, and the idea that she's going to be smart, let's make Catuba a military strategist. What goes hand in hand with military strategy? FLARP.
Let's develop her personality a bit more. What can we do to do that? Well, given that she's higher up on the hemospectrum, she's probably going to have a holier-than-thou nature. Alright, good, that's a start. Since she's interested in FLARP, she would probably be on the competitive side, with little regard for who she may end up killing. Let's also make her a disciplinarian, wanting to put lowbloods who step out of line back in their place. Alright, we're getting there... Oh! Let's make her discriminatory towards anybody lower than her! Yes, this is going great!
Oh, but now she needs a last name. Hmmm. Well, we could always use the latin word for crow, 'Corvus'. Oh! It's a constellation, too! Let's make that her symbol. Perfect! Now she just needs a chumhandle and then she'll be almost done. Hmmm... Given the fact that she's based around crows and she likes being a disciplinarian, let's make her chumhandle 'avianAuthority'. Yes, good.
Finally, there's her lusus. Well, it's going to be a female crow, yes? Well, it has to be a bit more than that. Let's make it giant, with 6 wings and three eyes. Perfect.
So, now we have Catuba Corvus, or avianAuthority, a female indigo-blooded troll who types in a manner that makes it seem like SHE'S BARKING ORDERS EVERY FEW SECONDS! She uses asterisks FOR *EMPHASIS*, and uses 'caw' in words like can/cawn, call/cawll, always/cawlways, and sometimes makes bird puns ('I'm talon you, I'm not one for crowmance', 'I don't cawre feather or not you like me, I want *NOTHING* to do with you'). Maybe she'll even use emotes that look like her crow lusus (o8V, xXV, >o8V, >xXV, ect.), but only sparingly because she thinks they look childish. If flustered/angry/frustrated, she will caw ('CAWCAWCAWCAWCAW!!!'). She also extends punctuation by three. She's a rather seasoned FLARPer, as well as a military strategist. Her lusus is crowmom.

Let's move on.


Now, this can be tricky. God tiers can be very hard to pick depending on whether or not you want it to aid them or not. God tiers can either aid or challenge the player, and thus you're given many potential options. Let's take a look at classes first.

Destruction - Bard (passive; one who invites/allows destruction with/through/of ____), Prince (active; one who destroys/destroys with ____)

Bards are rather unpredictable. They can either be beneficial to your session, or extremely harmful. Take a look at Gamzee. He sort of. Well. Murdered two of his friends while sober. Bards act on their own agenda, and, while they can be team players, tend to be loners. They're very manipulative, as well, and can passively work against their team mates. They're unstable and hard to work with, a lot of the time.
Princes, on the other hand, are cold and calculating. They aren't team players and are lone wolves, even if they don't mean to be. Princes seem to feel like they lack their aspect, see how Dirk lacked heart, or self, rather. However, depending on the aspect, they can be the center of attention. Princes also tend to be very, VERY intelligent. I know two Princes myself and they're both very smart in their own ways.

Manipulating - Sylph (passive; one who heals/heals with _____), Witch (active; one who manipulates _____ literally and metaphorically)

Sylphs are seen as kind and helpful, often seeming rather maternal. They will take the opportunity to help others with anything, and in the career mindset, would take jobs such as nurse, teacher, therapist, and nun, among others. They are very honest and polite, though, depending on the aspect, can be a bit manipulative in both personality and powers (see Aranea).
Witches are very manipulative, though tend to use this characteristic and powers for good. They can be a bit on the aggressive side, though they never really mean to be. Depending on their aspect, they could potentially have control over their teammates as if they were puppets. Witches can also be a bit pessimistic and need to learn how to make the best of current situations, no matter how dire.

Exploiting/Protecting - Knight (active(?) - one who protects others with/weaponizes _____), Page (passive - one who creates/exploits/brings forth _____)

Knights are very, VERY protective. I myself am a Knight, so I'm a little biased when speaking about this. Knights are supportive of their teammates, however, they tend to mask certain things about themselves depending on the aspect; however, a lot of the time, it has to do with feelings or self-esteem. Speaking as a Knight of Rage, I tend to bottle up a lot of my anger and hide it, especially around friends. Knights tend to make themselves look like heroes, as they don't want to seem weak to their friends and teammates. However, they also tend to build an emotional wall around themselves in the process, becoming closed off and isolated
Pages are generally seen as shy and cheerful, if not a bit on the weaker side. They depend on their teammates to provide support and help at the start, but have a lot of potential to grow into their aspect. However, if they fail to reach this potential, their session will end up being crippled without them. Pages can be one of the most powerful players in a session, next to a witch. Pages also tend to have low self-esteem/confidence, and this can be a challenge for the Page.

Stealing - Rogue (passive; one who steals _____ for their team's benefit), Thief (active; one who steals _____ for their own benefit)

Rogues and Thieves are actually very similar, so I'm going to cover them both in one paragraph. They're sneaky, sly, snarky, and rather mischievous. The only real difference between the two classes is that the passive Rogues are essentially the 'robin hood' of the team, stealing their aspect and sharing it with their teammates, thus being a lot more helpful than the selfish, demanding, and hard-to-deal-with Thieves. However, in the end, they are both very lovable people.

Becoming - Maid (active; one who assists/serves/restores _____), Heir (passive; one who inherits/becomes/is surrounded by _____)

Maids are generally seen as a more concentrated version of their aspect. Maids are usually very helpful, friendly, and docile, if not a tad bit capricious with her decisions. However, they can have rather active personality at times, depending on what aspect they serve under. They're also shown to be somewhat aloof, obsessive (if not a bit impulsive), and silly.
Heirs are a bit impulsive in their decisions, but make rather good leaders if no one else is suited for the job. They are aloof, childish, and rather goofy. They tend to have a slight lack of understanding in their aspect and have a bit of trouble controlling their powers at times. For example, if you had an Heir of Time, they could end up accidentally teleporting into the past or future while they're still learning about their powers. They also tend to die a lot, mostly on accident.

Knowing - Seer (passive; one who is benefited by/sees what path is most benefited by ____), Mage (active; one who learns from/understands/sacrifices for knowledge of ____)

Seers are passive by nature. They have a strong understanding of their aspect and have been shown to be intelligent, if not a bit cryptic. They can see every moment in every timeline that is affected by their aspect, and thus can be a very helpful class. They are able to determine what will be beneficial to their current timeline to make it successful. They are very good decision-makers, due to their ability to understand the consequences of certain decisions, and can be good strategists, however, due to their passive nature, they don't take much initiative into taking any sort of leadership roles. They work much better with supporting roles.
Mages have a much larger understanding of their aspect, as they gain knowledge of what creates it through actively instigating. They have a tendency to be brash, and are much more suited for leadership roles as opposed to Seers. They find the consequences through creating their aspect by instigating it. However, this leads to Mages often sacrificing certain parts of themselves for this knowledge (Sollux having to die twice, Meulin losing her hearing while in a matespritship with Kurloz).

Let us move onto aspects. Don't worry, these will be much shorter.

Time; Entropy, time, destruction

Time players are always balanced-typical Derse dreamers. This would make them an active personality. They typically tend to resist the temptations of Horrorterrors and are very unlikely to go Grimdark. They have high self-control and are very patient. Luckily, they take the time to think over their decisions before acting, even if they don't make the right ones. Time players are also rather blunt about things, keeping subtlety to the back burner. Also, Time players have a higher tendency to die, depending on their decisions.

Space; creation, physics, matter

Space players are always balanced-typical Prospit dreamers. This would make them a passive personality. Space players are intelligent, analytical, creative, and resourceful. Since they are Prospit dreamers, they are the least likely to go Grimdark unless they have outside forces working against them. Space players are often very optimistic, often trying to make the best of certain situations, especially in regards to forge stoking and frog breeding. They are very aware of themselves and everything around them, so much so that they could be described as omniscient. They dream on Prospit from the moment they are born.

Heart; Soul, inner identity, self

Heart players, depending on class, can either be affectionate, passionate, and up-beat, or stone-cold motherfuckers. They are very emotional, but not like Rage players. They typically have little luck in the romance department, and this can range from unrequited feelings, to violent, tear-filled break ups. They tend to work alone, though not always willingly, and have a rather strong sense of self-awareness. Heart players can come off as independant individuals, however, given the chance, they can be the most loving people you could ever hope to meet, if not over-bearing and clingy.

Mind; Thought, choice, logic

Mind players tend to be serious and logical. They tend to be the best at decision making, taking the time to consider the outcome of every decision they make. They prefer analyzing situations before acting, and when acting, rely more on logic than violence. They are very good at communicating with their teammates and are ready to help at a moment's notice. They are very, VERY intelligent and very, VERY left-brain oriented, and this can make them a bit overwhelming to deal with in a friendship. However, they can make for very cooperative people if one can set aside the seriousness of a Mind player.

Breath; Wind, freedom, direction

Breath players are aloof, strong-willed, and reactive. They're very animated and desire freedom. They are spirited individuals who often take the role of leadership in a session. They also have a tendency to have their head in the clouds and daydream a lot, as much as they hate to admit it. Breath players can also literally summon a gust of wind to aid them in battle. They're also a bit prone to delusions of grandeur. They're also rather goofy and a little on the naive side.

Blood; Unity, relationships, earth

Blood players are friendly and down-to-earth. They have the desire to bring people together, almost obnoxiously so. However, they mean well and are very loyal friends. Many sources say that they have control over ACTUAL blood, as in blood bending, but I find this to be a bit of a stretch. Blood players hate to see conflict between friends and act as sort of mediators for said conflict, often calming the fight down and bringing their friends together again.

Light; Luck, truth, what is

Light players are charming, lucky, and honest. They are also rather intelligent and deal with information. They can charm their way out of almost any situation and are very witty. Because of their honesty, they make good friends and teammates. Light players, depending on class, have the potential to deal with ACTUAL light or dealing with enlightening their teammates.

Void; Secrets, uncertainty, what is not

Void players are ALWAYS Derse dreamers. They are very in-tune with Horrorterrors, dealing with them and the Furthest Ring directly a lot of the time. They are the most likely to go Grimdark. They are very sneaky, introverted, and secretive, tending to work in the shadows. They are very nihilistic and pessimistic, being very cautious when acting in their session, keeping things to themselves a lot of the time. Depending on their class, they can craft objects that were seemingly destroyed or turn invisible.

Life; Health, growth, optimism

Life players are cheerful, happy-go-lucky, and almost always optimistic. They tend to be rather lively (pardon the pun) and very idealistic. They don't deal well with leadership roles, however, as they can crack under pressure, despite their optimistic nature. Another reason as to why they don't do well in leadership roles is because they are very independent and don't really like to be tied down to a certain role. They can be a bit rude, skeptical, or impatient at times, but are generally nice people. They also have a tendency to be fanboys/girls.

Doom; Pain, sacrifice, pessimism

Doom players are paranoid, unpredictable, unstable, and pessimistic. They almost always suffer from some sort of mental disorder/handicap, as seen with Mituna. They often hear voices of the doomed and are very, VERY prone to dying or at least coming close to dying. They tend to not work well on their own or in small groups, so it is encouraged to have a large team to keep a close eye on them.

Hope; Possibility, belief, hope

Hope players are rather hopeful (again, please pardon the pun). They are optimistic to some extent and are generally seen as inspiring. They are typically cheerful, though not without some anxiety. Hope players are also generally linked with religion, most notably Christianity, however, this does not mean that they themselves are religious.

Rage; Disbelief, negative emotion, restriction

And here we come to Rage, an aspect that I'm most familiar with and perhaps a little biased to. Rage players are extremely emotional, reactive, and just a tad bit unpredictable. Us Rage players tend to snap at the smallest of things rather regularly and can be pretty aggressive, however, Rage players, like myself, can be pretty passive with letting our aggression out, letting our anger sit for a while and build up before releasing it in one very violent display. We can also be loners, preferring to stay away from others, depending on class.

So, how do you choose an aiding/challenging class? Well, look at the examples up there. Let's say you want a challenge class for a potential overly-friendly hero of Blood who cares a lot about their friends and is very selfless. Go with Witch (if female), Thief (if either male or female), or Prince/Bard(if male). Say you want an aiding aspect for a very honest Prince. I'd say go with Void.

Now. Lands. Oh boy.

Lands are a little difficult to name, since they have to allude to the character's quest or god tier.

Let's say you have an artistic Knight of Rage whose quest is to create something to improve their land. You'd definitely need to mention their god tier some how. For that, let's pick Outbursts. Let's say you want a quest word. Quest words will go in front of the aspect word a lot of the time unless the aspect word relates to the land more. Since the Knight is creative and artistic, and their job is to create something for their land, let's go with the word Paint. So now we have the Land of Paint and Outbursts! Or LOPAO for short. It's a little hard to pick out words sometimes, but I suggest looking through a dictionary or thesaurus to look for possible words.


As I'm getting ready to finish up this post since I've been typing it for 5 hours (yes, FIVE), I need to state something; I shouldn't be the only person you go to. So, I'm going to go ahead and link you to a few helpful places so that you can go ahead and make these OCs of yours. - I go to this blog a lot, and it's one of the main sources I used for this. This blog also reviews quadrant compatibility, lands, and strife specibi, so it's a good place to go to for help. - This is a helpful guide on how to calculate the feel and quest of your land. It can really help with naming your land, too. - A Years-to-Sweeps calculator. Helps with making fantrolls. - A Homestuck character creation masterpost. This guide is filled with a lot of useful information that could be of use to you in your potential RPs and Fan Adventures. - A simple flash-based fantroll creator. It helps with making the general idea of the design for your fantroll, and it can be modified later in a program like Paint, SAI, or any art program with a binary tool. - As stated in the post, it's a guide to the caste system! Very useful when creating fantrolls. - Help for developing the quirk of your character. It can be rather hard to make a readable quirk, but this guide makes it a bit easier to make a general idea. - A hemospectrum chart. Really good for finding specific hex codes for typing or blood/symbol colour. , , , , - All of these are references for possible symbols you could use! - Possible strife specibi that you could use. - How to write a character introduction. - Guide on Trickster appearances. - A very simple guide on fankids. , - Two similar websites that you can use to find words for your land or chumhandle. - A list of deities by classification. Really useful if you wanna find a good name for that fantroll, or maybe your denizen. - A list of latin and greek words that are used in systematic names. Again, useful if you wanna find a good name for that fantroll. - A list of 4 letter names. Really good for fankids if you like sticking to canon. - A list of common surnames in North America. Really good for fankids.

And that's really it! I hope you found my guide useful and informative.

I roleplay as Dirk, Dave, and my two OCs*, eternallyDamned (My fankid) and vexingAnalytic (My fantroll).

Roleplay good JohnDave with me and I am yours forever.

*NOW INCLUDING avianAuthority (Other fantroll).
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Offline 07-28-2014, 03:54 AM
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RE: Creating a Homestuck OC - A Not-So-Short Guide
God damn, that's one hell of a tutorial! It's really useful, and I think I'm going to follow your line of thinking when creating my fantroll, 'cause it really sounds hella fun.
Thanks for sharing it!

I mainly roleplay Alpha Bro (Alpha Dave, though I can RP Daveas well), Jake English and Sollux Captor. I can do an acceptable Jade Harley, and a mediocre Dirk Strider and Karkat Vantas.

The ship that breaks all my feels is Alpha Dave/Dirk.
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Offline 07-28-2014, 05:44 AM
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RE: Creating a Homestuck OC - A Not-So-Short Guide
(07-28-2014 03:54 AM)Alpha-Dave Wrote:  God damn, that's one hell of a tutorial! It's really useful, and I think I'm going to follow your line of thinking when creating my fantroll, 'cause it really sounds hella fun.
Thanks for sharing it!

No problem!

I roleplay as Dirk, Dave, and my two OCs*, eternallyDamned (My fankid) and vexingAnalytic (My fantroll).

Roleplay good JohnDave with me and I am yours forever.

*NOW INCLUDING avianAuthority (Other fantroll).
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Offline 11-24-2014, 09:29 AM
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RE: Creating a Homestuck OC - A Not-So-Short Guide
That's a great tutorial on OC's you got there, it uses the aspect powers and it makes people creative. RESULT:∞/10


namuh a sa etamelacS etipslaryP255
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Offline 07-13-2015, 10:42 AM
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RE: Creating a Homestuck OC - A Not-So-Short Guide
Thanks, this saved me a lot of running around, still took a godawful half hour to get the OC finished, but I'm pretty proud of it. 10/10 Would suffer through character creation again.
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Offline 07-19-2015, 06:22 AM
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RE: Creating a Homestuck OC - A Not-So-Short Guide
THIS. THIS WAS VERY FUCKING HELPFUL. I FUCKING MANAGED TO MAKE A NEW FUCKING OC! THANKS:dodgy::rolleyes::grin[/color][/barf][/spoiler][/font]:
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Offline 10-02-2015, 11:18 AM
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RE: Creating a Homestuck OC - A Not-So-Short Guide
You have no idea how many times this has helped me.
(I actually figured out my god tier using this before I registered.)
Seriously. THANK YOU.

[insert inspirational/funny quote here]
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Offline 10-04-2015, 07:17 AM
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RE: Creating a Homestuck OC - A Not-So-Short Guide
This is gonna help me Finnish making my OC QAQ thanks for making this!!

I made a fan-venture as Kanisa Laleer a while ago, if you wanna see the beginning its here. It's on hiatus temporarily.
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Offline 10-04-2015, 10:01 AM
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RE: Creating a Homestuck OC - A Not-So-Short Guide
THIS GUIDE IS SO HELPFUL AND IT MADE ME REALIZE NOW MY LAND NAME AND GOD TIER (Pretty disappointing I'm not a Time player, but it snapped me out of confusion and I can't thank you enough oh my god)
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Away 10-11-2015, 02:31 PM
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RE: Creating a Homestuck OC - A Not-So-Short Guide
:> Thank you so much for this! It's a HUGE HELP and I think I'll be able to refine my OC with this. Also, it's probably obvious due to my 'handle, but I too have a crow-themed fantroll as my main muse. uvu
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