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Breaking Ice Here: Challenge Prompts
Offline 04-11-2014, 10:19 AM
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Wink Breaking Ice Here: Challenge Prompts
Hello MSPARPPSTF! (wut) I must begin by saying that I'm a guy with wicked ideas. Since one begins reading Homestuck, events come to your mind where you do wicked things with the characters and try to do your best to throw up a storyline for it.

I like to call this Challenge prompts. Just for fun, take a prompt in this forum thread that might alter your playstyle like you never thought you'd do before. I've done my couple of chats with this and lemme tell you it aint easy at the beginning, especially if somebody isn't willing to cooperate. But when you make a solid storyline/conversation, its a pleasant thing.

TL;DR: Wanna spice things up? Shove this prompts in for a challenge!

For example:

bodychange randomizer!ectoBiologist joined chat

This one's tricky. At random intervals during the chat, you will suddenly change characters without your partners knowing who will be next. The objective of the prompt is to forget to sticking into a character and instead making random jumps through the multiple characters WITHOUT breaking the storyline.

Rules for that case would be:
-You should randomly vary the kind of character you have
-You may use a prompt (godtier!, grimdark!) to vary the result, just dont overextend in the bonus prompts or the chat might drift away.
*In the event of changing, a character should change at least once if he does wish to change a prompt BUT not swap their character
(i.e you can be john, but you cant swap to godtier john immediately, youll have to be someone else before that)
-Being random can be anything! Just dont scare your partner off. Switching too often (every 3 texts or so) or plain jumping blindly into a sudden trigger prompt might end up badly. Proceed with caution.

Ill posts samples of my previous chats later.

socialmedia! ectobiologist joined chat.

Pesterchum is the famous chat log, but what if you communicated through facebook post or twitter with hashtags and links? Or even tumblr? For example:

facebook!ectoBilogist: Post: just got a dead alien girlfriend from another era, she's cute! Like Comment Share (insert more shiz here)

I'll post more later! And you? Have you ever used a wicked prompt? Share it here with everyone! :P
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Offline 12-02-2014, 08:46 AM
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RE: Breaking Ice Here: Challenge Prompts
hia. i'm lira
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Offline 03-16-2015, 05:05 AM
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RE: Breaking Ice Here: Challenge Prompts
Sounds weird but kind of interesting.

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