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Update on parp for those who haven't seen
Offline 08-02-2020, 06:11 AM
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Update on parp for those who haven't seen
If anyone's not read the twitter/patreon post on parp, here's a tldr on it all:

> Logs are staying and being backed up, but logs that are 15 posts or less are being deleted, ncluding instant disconnects.
> There's no ETA now on when the site will be back, but they're working on it slowly.
> They've had enough funding to start working on what is essentially Parp2: a cmplete rewrite of the site, new features and whatnot...

The worst thing to come out from this though is the discord for "ease of communication" when there's only 5 mods, none of whom want to be pinged at all and you have to ASK to dm them. That's pretty much not what mods do, mods have to be there to help and respond to peope, y'know?

And that's five mods for several HUNDRED people. Now it feels like they either don't care or vastly underestimated what things were going to be like, like it's not hard to set an application process up for discord moderators

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