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Looking for a RP Partner [or a friend!]
Offline 07-27-2020, 12:06 AM
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Looking for a RP Partner [or a friend!]
Hello! I am looking for a RP partner to well... roleplay homestuck! I been roleplaying for almost 10 years of my life now and I been in the mood to roleplay, or at least talk about, Homestuck. We can do a longterm rp, short terms or even just chill and talk about AUs. I have some ideas for plots but I would love to sit and chill with whoever plans on wanting to rp so they get stuff they wanna do in the rp.

I just ask that you are almost 18 years or older. I am not comfortable rping with people who are young, as I am 18-20 years old.

Who do I wanna rp as?
Currently I am really in the mood to Roleplay John Egbert, but I don't mind roleplaying other characters like Dave, Dirk and a few others. I can rp almost any character for background characters.

Who do I wanna rp with?
Almost anyone as long as we can figure out how to fit the rp together. I am fine with OCs too.

What Shippings do I wanna do?
Almost the same as the answer above. I don't mind the shipping as long as it makes sense in the context we are doing and isn't one of the normal red flags for shippings. Just ask. And remember we don't always need to do shipping.

Other quick information
- I am most familiar with literature rp but doing something else won't hurt me. I normally start out with long replies but I never expect the person I am rping with to have a long reply
- I would prefer discord but this website is fine
- I would prefer going over dos and don'ts before rping so we both don't accidently bring up an uncomfortable topic with the other.
- Please PM me or comment if you are interested
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