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Zodiac/bloodcast quirks
Offline 07-13-2020, 06:01 AM
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Zodiac/bloodcast quirks
[font=Trebuchet MS]So does anyone else have real world/ online quirks based off of your zodiacs blood cast. if so can you please reply.

mine is kinda weird and somewhat minuet you see when i get reely glubbing pissed i use sea/fish puns and insult the person (only if they deserve it like you have to be a reel Beach to set me off) with bloodcaste and classpect based insults. though i can never really go through and just take screenshots of what i typed and show my morail Diamond so i can talk with them about the said beach. I also just really love water and want to live by a beach so interpret that how every you want cause i honestly don't know why i'm drawn to water so much.

Thank you for reading this memo/ask Reddit like post[color=#FF69B4]
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RE: Zodiac/bloodcast quirks
Hmmm... I don't really use any troll and or zodiac based typing quirks outside of roleplay, I do however, sometimes use the Beta Kids quirk's:

like when i feel extra lackadaisical i take my once polished appropriate grammar and just enter anything wordy that can fit into the flabbergasting jaws of the goddamn text box and rant A LOT. ironically this is more time consuming for a person whos lazy at typing

But usually, I tend do use proper grammar and syntax. It isn't as wordy as the other one, though.

1f 1 3v3r d3c1d3d t9, th3n 1t'll pr96a6ly 63 s9m3th1ng hard and frustrat1ng t9 r3ad l1ke th1s. P9ss16ly t9 p1ss s9m39n3 9ff, lma9.

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Offline 07-15-2020, 05:21 AM
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RE: Zodiac/bloodcast quirks
interesting. i used some troll quirks to fuck with people aw well mostly on shit posts or when that particular person is being a jerk.
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