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Is It a Right or Wrong Way To Save Your Future?
Offline 06-08-2020, 07:32 PM
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Is It a Right or Wrong Way To Save Your Future?
I am a student in the UK. I am doing a bachelor's in Business Administration because I want to do my own online business of Ecommerce where I would sell those products that are related to fast fashion. Now I am in the 4th semester and I choose the IR which is "international relations" it is the most painful course for me because I don't like History type courses. So, I decided to buy coursework which is the only solution to complete my coursework on time. I know most of the people will criticize me but I'm weak in this coursework and I don't want any resistance in my academic career that is why I took this step. My friends told me that I took the right step to build my career. Should I consider this act as a good step or bad? Because I want to move forward and you all probably understand my situation as well. Please give me some feedback so that I would follow and implement it in the Future.
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