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Virus imprisonment's the hero
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Virus imprisonment's the hero

a day sometimes tomorrow, grows longer than the wind and shade of the city of ind nd hade. in a small town of "shmortos yalumpus degoradona priests of juwelty sun makkah wuueen city of ind nd hade tomorroe", and if you look closer on googze maps, a young man can be seen zoomed in wailing at the wall of his house.

CHINA looks at him and tells him 闭嘴!because he knows infectious disease coranavirus covid19 sars2 ccp deadly cough weird pneumonia virus INFORMATION.

The dude stops wailing, he stops, I SAID HE STOPS!

here's a look of info he reached in his pocket to read what he read and then past him wrote: you him wrote this and is now reading it because why not?

previous pesterlog with your best female buddy, WU.

afterwards a new later; they trap him. Trap the dude who wasn't gay and is ccp information clandestine a secret.

what is this name of the prissoned doctor... WHO?????

Name the enter====>

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look at my boi!
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