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Welcome to PirateStuck!
In this Roleplay you can be a Pirate, a civilian or some form of royalty.
You can be a captain or apart of the crew, at the moment this is just an OC roleplay I might change it in the future but right now it’s just an OC roleplay.
I’ll be releasing the story of what’s going on tomorrow so at the moment just focus on character backstory and what they are.
Trolls, humans, Cherhubs and even Exiles are allowed.
The maximum characters you play as is 5, make sure keep up with your characters.

1. No bullying, unless it’s for plot and the characters player has consented, other than that no bullying.
2. No smut, take that somewhere else like PM or some other memo (relationships are allowed of course)
3. Have fun! This was meant for fun so don’t take something too seriously

Pirates, there are four classes in the pirate category, you’re either the captain, the first mate or apart of the crew.

Captain class, if you want to be a captain you must first name your ship and get a crew, if you want I can put your name on the captains list, this will allow more people to join your crew.

First mate: your second in command, if the captains gone you are in charge.

Crew: you do whatever the captain and first mate says, unless you don’t agree with it or are uncomfortable with it, if so please speak out.

Magic users, voodoo, fortune tellers, Gypsy’s and more.
These all are very valuable to a captain and its crew, though most are in for the gold others are more interested in the adventure.

Civilians, your just some random people, you can have jobs or go on adventures with pirates if you don’t want to be one, you can also pay pirates to go find people or something similar.
Luckily for you civilians you have a lower chance of being taken by pirates, unless you did something that caused them to take you.

Royalty, you can be a prince/Princess or lord/Lady.
But unfortunately if you are any kind of royalty you have a higher chance of being held hostage by pirates, the only way you can be released is either you somehow escape or someone pays the ransom.

Prince/Princess, your kind of useless to be honest, unless you know how to use a sword you just sit still and look pretty.

Lord/Lady, you are actually useful, in each town and island there is either a Lord or Lady(or both) you have your own small army of knights and can command them to do whatever you please.

Captains list:
We are in need of captains!

If you want to join please PM me and I’ll be with you soon! :D

彡゚◉ω◉ )つー☆* ~the muse of space wishes you to have a wonderful day!
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RE: PirateStuck!
Once there was a land full of greenery, peace and life.
The king of this land was kind and cared for his people, life was good.

Until one day when the king just died in his sleep, nobody knows how he died but soon it was to be decided who will be the next ruler.

Three heirs, two girls and one boy

The youngest of the three left for adventure while the remaining two fought over the title, the fight went on for almost a year until the entire kingdom was split in two.

The land of Derse ruled by an arrogant king and the land of Prospit ruled by a wise queen.

Soon this war between Prospit and Derse seeped it’s way into the ocean, soon trading ships couldn’t deliver their goods and traveling that would have taken a day with a boat was extended to a week on foot.

Rebellions started and Pirates began raiding military ships, taking people for ransom and just being a danger for anyone in their way.

Soon pirates became illegal and of course this caused even more battles between a Pirates and the army, Pirates are in hiding and some act as citizens or hiding with citizens.

Now, we begin in a small island outside the kingdom Derse called Crystal Bay, this place known as a safe haven for pirates.

Crystal Bay is famous for its crystal clear waters and strange magical aura making it invisible to outsiders, this is where the adventure begin.

彡゚◉ω◉ )つー☆* ~the muse of space wishes you to have a wonderful day!
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