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Offline 12-08-2019, 10:14 AM (This reply was last modified: 12-27-2019 04:47 AM by Shizre Greeko.)(Edited by Shizre Greeko.)
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Apparently, FLARP is a game about the rivalry of the CLOUDER (DM?) and the player, but it can be a PVP game as well. This is the impression I got from both the ORIGINAL COMIC and Vriska's PESTERQUEST ROUTE.

I and a friend of mine are working on a way to make something... similar. We're using PETTICOAT SEAGRIFF, IMMOVABLE OBJECT, ESPIACROONER, and BOY-SKYLARK as main classes. We're probably looking for more interesting names to put on the next few classes as well, might be based on the echeladder as well, seen that BOY-SKYLARK was indeed present in it. Just confirming it, if you couldn't tell: It's going to be based on LARP, so it will indeed be a physical RPing game.

EDIT: There IS a HUGE list of classes that I wasn't properly informed. Apparently they are a combination of 2 (TWO) STATS.

In the actual route, there's also STAT PLACES (Throne of the Empress; Tyranny's Tribute; Oracle's Dais; Conductor's Stand; Choir Box of the Facepaint Angels; Scrimshaw Workstation; Bilgewater Soapbox; Foolish Professor's Lectern; Tribute of the Heiress; Podium of Runners Up) and STATS (HUB, GRT, RAS, LVG, IMG, VIM, DEX, GRA, APP, PLC), which I have to figure out how to implement in the actual system, if there is even some kind of system, to begin with.


Vigor (VIM): Main component of HP. High VIM helps durability while low VIM makes you more dangerous while you're vulnerable.

Rascality (RAS): Ability to get away with mischief, as well as your DEFIANCE MATRIX defense.

Dexterity (DEX): Measures finesse. Paired with GRA for inticrate tasks.

Pulchritude (PLC): Suaveness and hard-boiled credentials, assists with being charming or charismatic.

Grace (GRA): Ability to retain poise and smoothness. Paired with DEX for inticrate tasks.

Appetite (APP): Hunger & enthusiasm. High APP makes you better in combat, while low APP improves your passive healing.

Mangrit (GRT): Not just for men. It helps you lift safes and keep your cool while wounded.

Hubris (HUB): Sheer confidence. High HUB allows you to overrule your Clouder more successfully. Low HUB increases your COMPLIANCE MATRIX offense.

Leverage (LVG): The foundation of the BALANCE OF POWER between Clouders.

Imagination (IMG): Inventiveness. Useful for all classes while Clouding.

For CLASSES, see the link that follows: [WAIT FOR IT!! FSS.]

I'm ALSO going to probably add dice just for leveling up and loot. It's probably useless to use dice for anything else in LARP anyway.

NOTE1: It might have a lot of grammatical AND typing errors. Might revise later.

NOTE2: Also, this memo COULD be weird and not making a lot of sense, but that's just how I collect data. It was collected horrible from a chronological perspective, but pretty from a fluid and aesthetical perspective.

NOTE3: Dice seems to be used as a form of prognostication to analyze the player. Not sure, I'll come back after more research. Unfortunately, I'm cutting this memo short, see that my PC can't handle this amount of lines.

~ The Silencer.
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Away 12-21-2019, 01:21 AM (This reply was last modified: 12-21-2019 01:22 AM by AmminusAttested.)(Edited by AmminusAttested.)
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RE: Flarp.
Alright, I'm not necessarily one to partake in physical RP's, but this just caught my eye and am actually quite interested, so I have a few questions. Do I get to roleplay canon characters or fan-made ones? And are there any new information about this Flarp RP? When does it start?

[Image: 9627d7d9d6d06f02ef6c410e9d0d8046.gif]
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