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Enter name.
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Heart Enter name.
Your name is SHIZRE SEKMET.

You are a SUCKER for underground and dissonant music genres, and if they're questioning authority? You can't get enough of it. It has led you to trouble in various situations, though. Pesky Drones!!!!

Your lusus is, UNFORTUNATELY, alive. This is one of the only kinds of bond you have with authority, and you honestly hate it. Though, her manipulation... S+ admirable! You hate to admit you got a manipulative personality from your lusus. Ugh. FORTUNATELY, there's a less unethical way to do that: FLARP.

You also have BOOKS OF DUBIOUS ORIGIN. Most people wouldn't dare to open this macabre stuff you found, and they were locked on dungeons for PROBABLY a good reason. You just think that they're pretty neat!!!!

Your trolltag is latrotoxinsVial and you Do not tend to act "passive-aggressive" towards anyone, really!!! you're sooooooooo sorry that people think that about you. You really do.

~ The Silencer.
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