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Offline 11-14-2019, 02:11 PM
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So yeah I’ve been thinking of roleplay ideas and this was one of them so here’s the story and rules.

Rule #1 - no being rude or bullying

Rule #2 - no smut, I’ll allow relationships but no smut.

Rule #3 - no cussing, I want to share this with everyone

Rule #4 - no killing other characters you only kill zombies or enemies

You can bring anyone! Trolls, humans, exiles and even cherhubs!
Canon characters and OCs are allowed here, the maximum characters you can bring is 5, if you want to add more private message me and we’ll talk about it.

This is similar to the walking dead video game so if you want a thought of what the world of this AU if like go watch or play the game first then come back here.

Now I’ll stop talking and tell you the story.

It was a peculiar day, usually it’s very loud in the morning with traffic or the neighbors arguing with each other.
Buts it’s so quiet...did you go deaf????
You get up and look out the window, dead silence.
You change into your everyday clothes and walk downstairs.
This silence is freaking you out so you grab a hammer on a nearby table and go the your backyard to investigate the silence.
As you close the door behind you, you start to hear groaning.
You grip the hammer tightly as you slowly walk towards your wooden fence.
Out of no where you hear a blood curdling scream.

So yeah that’s an idea of if what’s going on.
If you wanna join private message me about the OC’s you’ll be using here’s the profile I need,

Name: ???
Age: ???
What they look like: (you can send a picture of them or just say what they look like, also keep in mind you can do canon characters)
Blood color: ???
Species: ???

What are the relationships between your characters?(You don’t have to add this part but it would be helpful)

If there’s anything you wanna add private message me.
Have a great day!

彡゚◉ω◉ )つー☆* ~the muse of space wishes you to have a wonderful day! -OZ
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