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Welcome to zombiestuck!
This is a canon roleplay so bring in any canon characters from Homestuck.
Before I tell you any story you need to read The Rules

The rules are simple,
1. No bullying unless it’s for plot
2. No smut, I’ll allow cuddling and kissing but that’s it
3. No godmodding, I shouldn’t even have to explain this
4. Have fun and try to survive

For those of you who don’t know how you could get infected,
If you get bitten or scratched by a zombie you are now infected.
The only thing to do is cut of the limb where you were bitten, but you can loose lots of blood which means if you lose too much blood you will die.
This will be similar to the walking dead, if you don’t headshot them or do something that would destroy their brains they will not die.

Your goal right now is to find more people, though more numbers in a group means more power it also means more mouths to feed.

Here are some examples of people you will need in a group,

The leader: this person will make the plans and order people to do things

Medic: you will definitely need one of these, and you have to protect them because if you lose this person you basically have no one to heal you.

The weapons expert: this is just in the name, they are the person with the most experience in combat.

The smart guy: this is the guy who helps make plans, helps sort things out and can update certain weapons

Brawler: this guy can literally kill a zombie with his bare hands

The sharp shooter: this person is usually a loner and they’ll be difficult to get on your team.

Current players:
Feferi (Medic)

彡゚◉ω◉ )つー☆* ~the muse of space wishes you to have a wonderful day!
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