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Session 100: Rebooted
Offline 08-30-2019, 06:21 AM
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Session 100: Rebooted
Anyone remember Session 100? Well, me and a few friends are starting to work on a new version. Here's some details:
Ⅰ. Classpects will be using my system, based on many others including Session 100's (although we'll need to work on getting 100 Classes Aspects properly fleshed out since the majority of the Session 100 system was vaguely defined).
Ⅱ. Instead of a bunch of Prospits and Derses, we're using fanmoons.
[Image: Aspect.png]
Ⅲ. We (on the Session 100: Rebooted Discord Server) have decided that all one Skaia means is one Session, therefore multiple species can exist in one Session. For the purposes of this adventure, each Subsession will be a different species, although which Subsession is what species is yet to be determined.
Ⅳ. This is a new project, so if you have any questions or ideas before we begin working past the concept phase, put 'em out there.

Thanx for reading, and feel free to join the team. We'll need all the help we can get.
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