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Guess what? Sgrub. Again.
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Brick Guess what? Sgrub. Again.
Basically, Sgrub again. I've been thinking about how i could make an actual PLAYABLE Sgrub that everyone could enjoy.

I came up with something simple and pretty cool, actually.

First: Character Creation.

All you're going to need is basic info: Dexterity, Strenght, Constitution, Charisma, Intelligence and Wisdom. Those values go from 4 to 24, being thrown 4d6 (four dies with 6 faces) to decide them.

And also your Classpect + Moon sway, of course.

Second: Server => Client.

Your DM (Dungeon master, or Dumb Magician, if you will) are going to be your Server. Yes, everyone will DM and play at the same time.

Sgrub/Sburb is often a game focused in individuals, and also, the battles against underlings are going to be much more interesting this way.

The server will be responsible to decide the AC (armor class) and dammage of the enemies, the player's land mission, and even if everyone feels comfortable about it, the world itself.

They will also need to study and interpret the client's classpect and moon sway to create interesting challanges and story!

(Basic stuff: It's based on d&d, so obviously you wont add 24 as str bonus. Use the d&d sheet to transform this into a smaller number [10,11 = 0])

~ The Silencer.
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