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The Silencer.
Online 07-29-2019, 03:00 AM
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Bug The Silencer.
The so hated captain gamblignant that had a cobalt color to her blood and tree pupils to each eye. Many trolls had chills when they hear her name or even her distant laughter. The Silencer was her name, and there was a reason for that title: She used to make the seas go quiet. Not only literally for her appreciation for silence and amazing control of her manipulation powers, but also figuratively, silencing the voices of important Royal commanders, clown leaders, and even rival pirates.

She was a well-known gamblignant, a brilliant venom muse. Her head could reach up to 10.000K at the time.

One of her greatest achievements was to kidnap an important slave to the Alternian Empire - to do that she had to be smart though. She created a poison so lethal that could kill a certain purple-blood of the Empire that for his whole life drunk the most deadly venoms to develop a kind of immunity to them. What she did was named by her as 'The Viper Cocktail, a mix of toxic herbs, metals and five different sea creatures' venom. Later, she had some problems with the slave that she had kidnapped, alongside with other slaves - ended up that she had developed a kismesitude with her, so she was the only one that survived the uprising of the lowbloods. She was kept as vice-captain, being the captain her blackrom partner.

After that, they went on a mission to kill the ruler and start a revolution for freedom, mobilizing hundreds of lowbloods and conquering dozens of cities and even capitals. She wasn't a leader, but she indeed was a marvelous strategist and revolutionary.

~ The Silencer.
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