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Sburb Rp
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Brick Sburb Rp
Before I can start, that's a personal blog. All I'm going to write here is going to be used to my session with my friends. Feel free to use stuff from here, though.

==> General Rules.

First off, this role-playing system is going to be a text-based rp. That means that it can be played at Whatsapp, Messenger, Amino... And so on.
The basic rules of any text-based role-play are the communication ones. How we talk, how we act, and that's the first thing I'm going to be discussing.

1. Speech. All in-character texts must have the character's name and be in regular font.


2. Action. Actions must be made in sentences in the first person. They also must be made in bold text.


3. Pestering/trolling. Virtual texts in-character must be written with another font as well. Whatsapp has a really good font for that, unfortunately, I don't know whether there are in other sites. Just pick the font you feel more comfortable.


4. Whisper. Whispering is also something fairly used in role-playing, so it must have something to indicate that someone's whispering. I'll go with italic.


5. Off-topic. Try to avoid this one though. Just put two (2) slashes at the end.


==> End of part 1.

That's it for this post. More on that will be on this thread, so please, dont respond to anything on this memo.

~ The Silencer.
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