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Offline 06-08-2019, 06:44 AM
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[Image: K3ikJV9.gif]

I'm here to tell you about a discord I made about a year or two ago. If you're looking for where all the 'activity' of MSPARP went, it went here. I have it. This is it.

Born from the ashes of MSPARP Discords, from death and anarchy, through years of genetic pruning and ectobiology, The Mutiny chat, post-dubbed the Vodka Mutini chat, was made from a chat with no pulse, and one ruled by a tyrant. Together, these chats have formed into something new and wholesome. A splinter community that loves roleplay, art, and music- and works to include all, in a fair and just manner.

Hello! I'm Void, the head admin of the Mutiny (Vodka Mutini) Discord Server!

I'm here to extend an invitation and a welcoming hand to anyone here on MSPARP that likes the community, and wishes to stay connected with the members of MSPARP! In this server, we have the oldies, the newbies, and everyone in between. We run roleplays, co-op games, we have fanadventures, D&D sessions, and occasionally we have contests for the new Hiveswap/Hauntswitch releases.

We are an LGBTQIA+, Furry, and whatever else you might be, friendly server! We are a wholesome SFW server, modded by some of the prominent members of the MSPARP Forums- Myself, Fubar, ThunderFang, Pineapple, and Calamari.

It's been a while.

Welcome home.

[Image: e93ece89552a8c4a06d6e036518bf202ad205d25_hq.gif]

[Image: kdWS62f.gif]
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Offline 12-30-2019, 04:29 PM
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Hello friends, and welcome back to another bump post.

I have my working dicebot and profile maker set up, so yay!

Anyway, come join the chaos. God knows we need more of it.


[Image: kdWS62f.gif]
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