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[Lyriccover redux] Three in the morning [horizon]
Offline 05-27-2019, 01:10 AM
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Music [Lyriccover redux] Three in the morning [horizon]
Not mine just posting the lyrics!!

Three in the morning
It's cold and its dark
And this game is about to start

You haven't got a heart,
Have you, Spades?
Considering everybody
You've thrown into their graves

It seems to me
Those in the bourgeois
Are aiming to be
The ones who run this town

Broken clocks, fading lives, and
The midnight crew, here to play their hand

How many of you
Are ready to watch your worlds fade to black?
Doesn't matter, anyway--
Just thought i would ask
Out of courtesy, between you and me
Because mister spades slick won't be
Showing you any of that
Mister spades slick would rather stick a knife in your back

I don't think you know
What's really going on
Behind the scenes of this show

"grief is love in it's most savage forms"
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RE: [Lyriccover redux] Three in the morning [horizon]
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