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Post Mortem (A Post-Post-Apocalyptic Point & Click Adventure)
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Brick Post Mortem (A Post-Post-Apocalyptic Point & Click Adventure)
Post Mortem
A Post-Post-Apocalyptic Point & Click Adventure
Winner of the LBS "People's Choice" Game Award
Made by Knose


a game based on an old extensive project of mine, including a short fanadvenuture, dozens of pixel art and whatnot. it all culminated into this game, with about a year of work behind it and endless tinkering inside a game engine not suitable for point & click adventures of any kind. sorry hipsters, this indie project is for windows computers only.

i figured it was about time to actually make a thread for this, as not many have downloaded it (by free will) over these past >12 months of it being available on great, huh. anyway, please enjoy.

as stated in one of the updates, the current version (1.3b) is probably the last one (if not someone acts as QA and happen to find a game-breaking bug of some kind). if i ever return, i'll have to redo some of the dodgy spaghetti-code (all to hit certain dreadful deadlines) and add another part, a continuation, another act, chapter, or just a second DISK. don't worry though, it's a complete product with about 30-60 min of gametime (depending on how difficult you find the puzzles included)

have fun, please enjoy it.

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