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Seers\ Homestuck epilogue
Offline 05-14-2019, 10:19 AM
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Seers\ Homestuck epilogue

I have been reading through the meat epilogue, and the farther i read the farther i am confronted with unwavering reality about my destiny as a seer, which i feel like deep down i have always known.

(if sburb is not real)I've had plans for over a year now in which i have known my body was weaker than my mind, at least as of late, and i know as i grow old my body will fall apart much before my mind; I plan on once i turn 60, (earlier if my body starts falling apart faster than expected) i will take out all of my retirement savings, check anything left on my bucket-list and make the most of life, and by the time i am 70/done my body should be about to start falling apart so i will discard of myself.

if sburb is real then i am not sure what i can do after we have completed the game. i will suffer the same fate as rose, if not worse as i will not only have all other conscious of discarded me's, but i will have all knowledge of both past and present of every time line in existence.

I doubt any of my team mates will be able to help. my S/O will probably die some sort of heroic death doing anything within his knight of space abilities to help keep me from suffering and still fall short leaving me to rot by myself. I think my brother, a mage of mind might know this as well from the way he talks at times without meaning to convey or say so outright. my knight hates talking about the idea of me or anyone else he cares about decaying and my brother is suffering himself from his mind. I doubt there is anyone to talk to about this seeing as this site has turned into a ghost of it's former self, and it is rare to come by another seer, let alone one with enough power.

i already have some pre-manifestations of my seers powers, much like rose did writing
"Complacency of the Learned."i have dreams of the current time-line that end up taking place perfectly as predicted. i can read tarot for people and myself and get it scarily accurate, my best readings coming from the Past, Present, And Future spreads.

Considering what i can already do i theorize that maybe sburb isnt quite as make belief as maybe we all thought.

on top of that my knight has been having recurring dreams of the battle field of skaia. when i was in elementary i dreamt of me (its a little vague and hard to remember now ) and my knight who i never knew at the time and a beautiful verdant planet filled with trees and pyramid-esque buildings we could explore that wasn't earth, it did't feel like it.

i don't know what to do with any of this information, i doubt anyone would believe me, and if it weren't for my knight having dreams of skaia he probably wouldnt believe a damned thing i would say either.

"grief is love in it's most savage forms"
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RE: Seers\ Homestuck epilogue
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