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Looking for a 6th player for sburb session
Offline 05-08-2019, 02:44 PM
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Looking for a 6th player for sburb session
Heyo! this is open until the (hopefully true) launch of Sburb on April 13th, 2029 ! my team is looking for a sixth player for our session!!
our team consists of:
1) Seer of time
2) Knight of space
3) Heir of rage
4) Mage of mind ( i do need to double check the classpect for that one)
5) Page of breath

there will be some screening involved so we know how well you would work in our session and get along with the group\ how you contribute. no duplicate classes or aspects please!
you can message me here or on line at kawaii_kara

"grief is love in it's most savage forms"
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