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The Δbsorber.
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Star The Δbsorber.
She was an important slave to the Alternian Empire, that was eventually kidnapped by gamblignants.
They couldn't use her psionics – it was different from the other goldbloods they've seen so far: She had a constant, low voltage, but she could steal from others to increase the psiionic's force; So she became their prisoner, locked in a cell next to the captain's room.

The captain tried to convince her to show how her psionic worked – She knew it worked somehow. It wasn't a bad psionic neither weak one. It couldn't be. The empire wouldn't have enslaved her if it wasn't useful. Eventually, she started feeling pitch for the captain. The captain treated her like shit, but didn't dare to even touch a finger, and even protected her from f*cked up crew members. She was the captain's property, only she could treat her badly.

Eventually, the crew tried to turn against the captain, along with all the enslaved lowbloods, that were also revolting against the crew. The lowbloods were commanded by her, and they were victorious against the crew. Most of them were dead, others were tortured, and the captain was in the same cell as she used to be locked in. They started pitch flirting and ended up having a relationship, but that's for another time. The first Lowblood Gamblignant Captain was born: The Δbsorber

~ The Silencer.
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