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fonts use in ppt presentation
Offline 04-20-2019, 05:11 PM
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fonts use in ppt presentation
The guidelines for using fonts in the Ppt presentation slides which everyone should need follow in creating an effective and decent presentation design. Use the same font throughout the presentation but different for the headings and the paragraphs. select those fonts which can be readable for the audience from a distance. Helvetica font if simple and easy to read, it is flexible and robust typeface. Use the size of the font bigger than 24point. If there is an important word or line, use a bigger font to indicate it. Using abbreviations and acronyms in a presentation puts a negative impact because many people don’t know the full forms of the abbreviations. To test the font size, stand six feet away from the monitor and try to read each slide. It is very useful presentation help for the people who work with the sales and business presentation designs on a daily basis.
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