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The Homestuck Epilogues
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The Homestuck Epilogues
So first off, if you haven't read the epilogues you can do so ==> Here

But you know I think that so far it's pretty interesting. However what's really upsetting is seeing everyone on twitter get so upset over the "jadedavekat" implication.
For me, it's whatever. It's a ship. It's fiction. And we don't know for sure if that's REALLY what Andrew Hussie was even implying.
Another thing you can look at is how rose is talking about canon VS non-canon. She talks about how everything that happened after homestuck and after them going through the door wasn't canon, which, if is the case, would explain why a non-canon ship (even though Hussie had made that one tweet years ago declaring all ships canon because he was sick of people asking) would even be discussed.

orbitingJupiter, signing out!
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