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looking for people to rp with! // OCs welcome ^^
Offline 04-13-2019, 02:15 AM
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Exclamation looking for people to rp with! // OCs welcome ^^
hi everyone! new to using this site, but i really got a kick of homestuck nostalgia and i want to roleplay with others. it's been a really long time but i genuinely enjoy writing with others so it will be fun!

i can play the following canon characters: john, dave, davesprite, and jade (SORRY I KNOW it's only three but i. don't want to be ooc in trying to play my favorite trolls), and i would be okay to roleplay with anyone! you can just contact me to discuss ships/plot/etc, or if you just want to dick around and see where the rp takes us.

i can also roleplay with OCs! i love OCs. i have a few OCs who i adore and would love to rp as. you can play whoever you want! i can do para or script, i have no real preference. i also have a pesterchum if you'd like to add me, at tricksterAnalysis!

<3 <3 <3
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