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A Sgrub Session [Post-Retcon]
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A Sgrub Session [Post-Retcon]
(NOTE: This thread is a continuation of this comic, which is also here. It picks up starting from Page 29. It is recommended that you are caught up with the story before reading this, as it just starts in the middle of it. Thanks!)

(06-23-2018 01:55 AM)lonelyTroubadour Wrote:  > wait for your lusus to return with your game, if it even has arrived yet

[Image: KsvOSB9.gif]

You decide to go down and see what you missed and oh Jegus what's happening.

Okay, I... I guess we're this girl now. Whoever she is. She doesn't seem to have a name either. What should she be called?

> Enter name.

(06-23-2018 01:32 PM)lightningFox Wrote:  >enter name

>agruri rheave

[Image: VkEFtuL.gif]

You assume the lack of a response to mean that you are correct.

[Image: grTHPXs.png]

Your name is AGRURI RHEAVE, and where you are now in relation to where we last saw that blue-blooded buddy of yours back there, you're actually AROUND TEN MINUTES into the past. But for you, it's the present, and what we just saw happens to you in AROUND TEN MINUTES FROM NOW. But that's not important right now. What is important is that today, the day of Daelem's LARGELY UNIMPORTANT LARVAL AWAKENING'S ANNIVERSARY, is also the day that the beta for the new computer game known on your planet as SGRUB, will be released. You also feel it necessary before anything else that you make your affinity for RUN-ON SENTENCES recognizable to us all. Besides talking, your other interests include OLD SILENT MOVIES and the FASHION ASSOCIATED WITH THAT ERA, which is probably made clear by how you've chosen to decorate your respiteblock. Yeah, you're also a fan of clarity.

What will you do?

(06-24-2018 12:31 PM)lightningFox Wrote:  >look around your room

[Image: gmR6KZ2.png]

You have no idea what a "room" is.

(06-24-2018 12:42 PM)lonelyTroubadour Wrote:  > comb the hair out of your face, olive wench!

[Image: 7KUc2jN.png]

You're fine, thanks.

(06-24-2018 12:48 PM)lonelyTroubadour Wrote:  > examine the posters in more detail

[Image: 19ZyraW.png]

The walls of your respiteblock are used to display your collection of old movie posters, advertisements, and pretty ladies.

That's pretty much it. You kind of just hoard them, oblivious to the origin and context of it most of the time.
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