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A Good Fandom.
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A Good Fandom.
I can understand why people wouldn't want to read this web comic. To many pages, to much to read. But most replies I got from my friends when I told them they should read it was

"It looks stupid."

And honestly, it kind of is. It's overly complex and most of the time I can't understand it. It complicates things more than it should. It took me while to actually get into homestuck and get past act 2.

But, it also isn't stupid. Overly complex and complicated things aside, it's a good web comic. It has good characters, a good story line, a but load of lore. Not to mention an amazing fan base. It even manages to include its own kind of romances. Which, in my opinion, is hard to do.

It manages to go in-depth with the characters while only making it some what complicated. I found the Ancestors arc pretty confusing and complicated, but I loved learning about them and unlocking new secrets of THE HOMESTUCK. Lol.

The fan base... its a whole other story. It's... interesting. Full of amazing artists and editors. It even managed to make a forum like this! Not to mention MSPFA site. This fan base created a website where other members of the fandom are free to make their own fan web comics.

Honestly, this is one of my favorite fandoms. I'm sad I couldn't be here when it was still going on. But I'm glad I can be here for the (possible) Epilogue.

Just Keep Swimming
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RE: A Good Fandom.
yeah I really hope the epilogue comes too!
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