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Multifandom RP Group
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Multifandom RP Group
Welcome to The City.
This is a city that was built to be a safe haven for people who want to get away from all the chaos of the rest of the world and just be safe and sound and coexist with other people and creatures that inhabit the place.

Here are a few things you'll need to know about Halcyon:
1. The City is maintained by a set of very intelligent A.I. Nobody knows who exactly programmed these A.I. but the mystery adds to the charm of the place.
These A.I. Will help you with anything you might need help with. Each A.I. has a specific set of functions so let's go over those real quick:

Gideon: Gideon is the main A.I.of the city, she is the one to talk to about any general questions about how the place functions and also the one to make any suggestions for expansion or new buildings in The City.

Ben: Ben is the A.I. to go to for directions to any place in the city. He also can tell you information about movies, games and other things like that that are happening in the buildings. He can also give you suggestions on things you can do if you are bored and have nothing better to do. Also the A.I. to go to If you want a male companion just to talk about random things to.

Rachel: She does the exact same things Ben does, just she's there for people who prefer talking to females rather than males.

2. There are several apartment complexes scattered throughout the city where people can take up residence.
3. There are several places like, stores, a big mall and a few parks.
4. When people arrive in The City they will be provided with a map and key to their new home along with basic rules to follow and the locations of the AI buttons

Note: there are buttons placed all around the city to ask an A.I questions: purple for Gideon. Blue for Ben. And orange for Rachel

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1. No being rude OOC; IC is fine if your character is like that. Try and keep most OOC talk here
2. Arguments are highly discouraged. Punishments will be handed out if any severe form of an argument happens.
3. Please refrain from forcing others to fight in the RP if they don't want to.
4. Mass murdering or killing without permission is not allowed, either. It can get incredibly annoying.
5. OCs are completely fine, as long as they aren't incredibly overpowered.
6. Please don't use super bright colors for text. Some people don't have the dark theme on.
7. Shipping is perfectly fine! NSFW is allowed in the NSFW chat, as long as it isn't forced.
8. Muse limit is 3.
9. Try not to act like a mod when you aren't. Mods are here for a reason, and we are always adding more mods that we can trust.
10. Please treat each other with respect OOC. If someone's opinion isn't the same as yours, don't be a pissbaby and insult them. If somebody starts insulting you, ask a mod for help, and if they aren't online, get the chat log link and send it to a mod when they come online.
11. Do not link other rp chats. You will be banned. Other links are welcome, and if the said link is NSFW, please be sure to put a warning next to it.
12. When people tell you to stop talking about something that violates the rules, stop. If you continue to talk about an offensive subject (i.e racism, homophobia, certain offensive jokes, etc.) then you will be punished.

Change your name to "maximum overdrive" when you've read everything
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