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==> Take Control of Land
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==> Take Control of Land
The game is simple. We're playing as a sort of "Age of Exploration" type deal here. You play the game by posting a command prompt and then text underneath it. The objective is to establish a colony and have it thrive. Other users may do something to affect the colony, make the colony weaker and the next user has to figure out how to gain its strength back.

I'll start.

==> Set sail!

The year is 1632, you are setting sail across the waters to find land for the king. You have been on the sea for 3 months, a fourth of your crew has died, and most of them now have scurvy. You now are finding the first sign of land in a long time, an island, one that is rich with vegetation. What will you do?

orbitingJupiter, signing out!
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