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The Negans Sessions: Alternia
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Rainbow The Negans Sessions: Alternia
Welcome to the Alternian Negans Session

Your are one of a group of troll about to begin playing this game. there's just one problem, your disk in corrupted. Actually everyone's disk is. The code mixed and jumbled and destroyed. But of course due to your paradoxical origins (and lack of knowledge of this fact) you have to play anyway. You may be fated for Chaos and Misery, but you're at least going to wreck paradox paradox space along the way.

[Image: UntimelyDesertedCockerspaniel-mobile.jpg]
===> Y/N

Okay Intro aside this is just supposed to be a session full of the oddest fantrolls imaginable, so when you're choosing you OC make sure their a weirdo. I don't really have many rules. No godmodding, no being rude OoC. This is RP is going to bend canon quite a lot. If you have characters with no-typical powers or mutations you're not quite sure would work or anything that may not fit with the Homestuck canon, but doesn't directly go against it, than you're more than free to do so, just PM me first please. Also the only blood colors that are allowed are the non-extinct and non-mutant 11. I'm fine with no-candy red mutants just once again, PM me first.

I think that's it. I will have an OoC and (eventually) main up soon enough, but for now I want to see if people are actually interested so just post saying you'd like to join with a quick HS style intro for your character.
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RE: The Negans Sessions: Alternia
Well I don't know if anyone is actually interested, but here is the OoC if anyone is interested in the slightest and has yet to say anything
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