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~HiveCraft: Act6~ A Canon Homestuck RP
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Rainbow ~HiveCraft: Act6~ A Canon Homestuck RP
“Draw a path of moonlight to the waking world,
Lucid as a faint strain of music,
A pear blossom’s scent on the breeze,
Or the murmur of rain against your window.
Let the Universe unravel,
Cease to be,
And inspire the Genesis of something new.”

-Kanye West

[Image: sT6KSgE.png]

About Us:

We’re something a little unorthodox, a Homestuck RP hosted within a minecraft server! The story revolves around surviving, rebuilding and exploring on Earth C. Come roleplay with us while playing minecraft with a bunch of Homestuck-themed addons! We’re whitelisted, so you’ll have to post an application to our discord to join.


After [S] Collide, winning the game, and creating the new universe, the kids and trolls leave Sburb behind and cross over into a new reality. Instead of finding a life-filled planet to build a new home, they found an Earth C infested with underlings, slowly killing the planet from within. To make matters worse, the god-tier’s powers have been weakened or faded away completely, for reasons unknown. Not everything is hopeless though. In this new world, they found many of the ghosts from the dreambubbles alive again, granted a second chance at life through some enigmatic process of the game. With the help of the consorts and carapaces, they’ve established a base from which to explore, and look for a way to heal the planet. The next chapter of their story begins...

Chat Formatting Commands:
[Image: 59q5Gi7.png]

/chatcolor 9

Will make your text look like this!

/nick &9VRISKA

<VRISKA> Will help us identify you!

Reserving a character:

[1] To apply for a character, you will need to fill out the application in the section below, and post it to our discord. Once your application has been accepted, you will be whitelisted and ready to join the server.
[2] The character you apply for must be on our character list, we don’t allow OCs or hiveswap characters, sorry.
[3] Once you take a character you have 2 DAYS to get on the server as them. Once those days are up, the character is free again.
[4] To keep a character reserved, you need to log in for at least 3 hours per week! If you’re not able to do this, your character will be opened up again for anyone to take. If you’re gone for too long, you’ll be unwhitelisted and will have to reapply to keep playing.
[5] If you get unwhitelisted due to inactivity, you will have to wait a week before reapplying.

Joining the Server:

[1] You must use a skin of your character. Other characters see what you are wearing. If you log onto the server with a skin that is not your character, you will be kicked.
[2] Once you log on, you will need use the /nick and /chatcolor commands to set your character’s name and text color. See the chat formatting section if you’re unsure about how to do this.
[3] Speaking OOC (Out of Character) is using 2 brackets. Ex: ((Woaw bwee)). Whispering IC (In Character) is only with one. Ex: (Did you see what happened last week?)
[4] We are a roleplay server, so if you take a character and join the server, roleplay! I can't believe I have to add this as a rule, but if you're showing inactivity or not rping at all, you're going to get unwhitelisted. If you feel like a character isn't rping, pm us on discord to file a complaint.


[1] Be nice! If you cause trouble here, you won't make it on the server.
[2] That includes limiting NSFW content and vulgar remarks to something tasteful.
[3] Don't take stuff out of chests that aren't yours without asking, if you take crops that aren't yours replant them, etc, etc.
[4] Be sure to ask for permission OOC before killing or griefing a player IC.
[5] No godmodding.
[6] Don’t start drama OOC. Just don’t.
[7] Always remember to have fun!

Reserves Sheet
Fill out this application and post it on our discord.

[1] What is your minecraft name?
[2] What character are you applying for?
[3] Please show us how you would /nick your name and /chatcolor for that character using the color codes shown in the tip section.
[4] Do you understand the rules in their entirety?
[5] Name a troll with 8 pupils.
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