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Industrial Revolution Midnight City RP
Offline 02-02-2019, 07:54 AM
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Industrial Revolution Midnight City RP
Once again this is probably a long shot really but I have this prompt that I wrote a few weeks ago and have been advertising on cherubplay, but no one ever connects.
The gist of the AU is that Midnight City is new, very new. They don't have a whole lot to get them going so they wind up having their own industrial revolution. I'll be playing as Ms. Paint

Characters I am looking for:
> Any Felt member
> Any Midnight Crew member
> Problem Sleuth
> Pickle Inspector
> Nervous Broad
> Hysterical Dame
> Wayward Vagabond
> Aimless Renegade
> Peregrine Mendicant

Please either connect via cherubplay or MxRP

Cherubplay directory link ==>

PM me on MxRP ==>

orbitingJupiter, signing out!
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