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Persona 5 Group chat!
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Persona 5 Group chat!

Are you into the Persona or SMT franchise? Wanted to rp with like minded people but didnt have a place to? Look no further! This chat is for experienced and new role players! A judgement free zone where people can just have fun!

Chat Description

Corrupt and unjust is the world. Filled with adults who only wish to better themselves rather than those under them. The children? Seen as a nuisance and a means to an end. The world needed to be redeamed

Are you up to the task?

The year is 20XX. Japan is just as it always was, relatively calm. Then, these "Mental Shutdowns" started happening. What caused them? Are they connected? Who knows. Will you try and get to the bottom of it, or will you leave it to the police? The choice is up to you.


Unknown to the general public, some people are in possession of a way into the metaverse. A place not visible to the naked eye. Those who enter have the potential to awaken to their persona. These people have the chance to "rewrite their futures". Are you one of these people? Who knows?

Not sure what Persona is, or still new to the franchise? Just ask and we'll be happy to help you out!


Ooc Room

Chat Link

Chat Rules!

1) Mod's word is law. On that note, mods don't abuse your power. Side note: Don't ask to be mod. I will not give it to you if you ask. yes. Just to be a spiteful little shit.

2) Don't God mod. I know that some characters/personas are more.... Powerful than others. Just remember moderation!

3) Do not force ship, bash ship or ship shame. Seriously. It's rude as fuck.

4) Everyone has a weakness. You alone are not immune. Like an arrow to the knee. DON'T PRETEND IT DOESN'T PHASE YOU.

5) Once you've read everything say "This ain't a scene, Its a god damn arms race."

6) Please look at the reserves before picking a character. And don't get salty if your muse already taken.

7) Canon Persona 5 only for now. I may allow characters from other persona games IF you can integrate them into the P5 universe.

8) Yes this is paragraph style. That means no *she smacked a bitch* That also does not mean one word responses. You do it, you get 3 strikes then I ban your ass. Yea?

9) Pick a character you want to rp. Try someone new! This is a judgement free zone.

10) If you have a problem with another RPer, message a mod privately and we can talk about it.

]11) If someone asks you to stop something that offends them, just stop it. Don't ask why, or argue about it. Just stop. If for some reason you can't, let a mod know and we'll deal with it in a matter that settles things for all parties.

12) No genderbends, doubles, Etc. However, if you want to be transgender make sure to write in on the reserves under EXTRA. They are your muse. (Being Transgender should NOT affect their personality. Do not use it as a means to rp non canonically. Ex: A trans Ryuji would not fumble around and blushu blushu desu shit. Kay? Kay.)

13) This is NSFW due to gore and other bloody bits. NOT SMUT. TAKE IT SOMWHERE ELSE.

14) You are allowed 2 muses max but only 1 of them can be a Phantom thief. This is only due to character count being fairly low.

15) Most importantly, HAVE FUN!

If you have any triggers, let a mod know and we will make a list!
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RE: Persona 5 Group chat!
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