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City Of Zenith
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City Of Zenith
Hello welcome to Zenith City a place where you will be placed in the proper class suited to your skills that will be either beneficial or useless to us. Here you will either work, keep the people safe, learn, help improve society, try to rule over society, or rebel. This city as you might have guest has a ranking system of the High class, Middle class, and Low class. If you try hard enough you might just be able to work your way up but the lower you are in society the harder it is to do so. There are some downsides to this society no matter how the people try there are some people hiding horrendous secrets within the walls of the upper classes businesses or people commiting crimes, no one is completely innocent. Rumors spread so easily in this society it is hard to tell who are speaking lies or the truth. You the rper can have the chance to choose one of the many paths you are given here and maybe you can even discover the horrible secrets as well.

High Class:
This class is the more wealthy class and basically runs the city. It consists of politicians, the wealthy men and women who own large corporations and businesses, high ranked law enforcement, high ranked military men and women, and the most helpful and intelligent scientists. All these people have either worked their way up or are born into this class.
You are at the very peak of society and this area is connected by high walkways systems that connected to the buildings, bridges, and elevated highways and streets. This entire area is very sophisticated, clean, beautifully made, and modern.

Middle class:
This class is made up the normal every day working men and women. You work under the High class to keep a normal life and receive a normal pay so you are not poor nor wealthy. Due to you probably being a worker for business up top middle class citizens can gain access to the very top of the skylines. This class mostly consists of those working for the companies or law. It is also made up of robots as well as some people who are starting off a business or just small business owners. Normal law enforcement and military men and women are also in this class, some scientists, and students who can afford education and go through testing to figure out how they benefit society.
You are in the middle area not high up in the skyline but not on the ground level. Much like the High Class level areas, areas are connected by walk ways and bridges and it too looks modern but not as sophisticated and lined with more affordable shops for the people who live here.

Low Class:
You are the lowest in the classes sorry to say. You can be found on the ground level but it is not exactly all bad if you make your living through selling cheap goods, being something along the lines of a mechanic fixing old out of date robots or cheap vehicles, and if you are lucky transporting goods. This area is also a very crime infested area with gangs, thieves, and even rebels who go against the class system and the "corrupted" law who prevent them from speaking of acting out. Bounty hunters or assassins can be found in this area as well since it is the place to keep a low profile, they lack a class due to their line of work, and the lower levels are probably the best place get all the dirty information on others.
I must add some areas of this part of the city is not all bad due to more recent renovations to try and improve it. Some examples of this improvement would be small malls, shopping centers, clubs, and restaurants all which give more job opportunities to the Low class and a slightly better chance to advance in society.
Due to being so close to the ground people can easily walk here and due to this being such a poor area there are not many large roads or transportation centers but there are some smaller areas for those who are lucky enough to have some form of small transportation.

Robots can be found in any class really but depending on which level you are located in tells just how well made you are or where you are built determines where you are in the class system. If you are well built, made out of the very best parts, and serve a very good purpose or even just a maid you would be found in the High class.
If you are well built, made out of slightly cheaper material and parts and sold or built in the middle class then you would be found in the Middle class.
If you are built out of cheap parts and materials but still hold together nicely or even poorly and made in the lower class you would be found in the Lower Class.
High class level robots are far more advanced thus cost more, most likely in the thousands. A Middle Class robot would cost about $50 and a low class robot is most likely to cost about $10 since they are so poorly made and very few people have them.
Robots serve many purposes and that is yours to choose for a character that is a robot. They can work on their own or work for someone, can look human if you want which is very common these days and even have human feelings. Robots have also been known to participate in bot fights.

Cyborgs: This is a person whose physical abilities are extended beyond normal human limitations by mechanical elements built into the body. Thanks to science people who most likely went through a harsh accident tend to get this kind of bodily modification, this is just the most common reason people become cyborgs another reason would be they just felt like enhancing their body but this is very low since a sudden change like that would be costly.
It is common to see people with limbs such as their arms or legs modified like this but there are also people who have modified parts of their body that do not work like the typical person such as eyes, ears, or vocal chords for those who are blind, deaf, or mute.

Rebels: As mentioned these people could have belonged to any class but once they chose to rebel against society and if word gets out that you are a rebel you will be forced to be on the run and automatically become Low class citizens. Rebels do anything to take doen expose the High Class scientists or company owners such as them breaking the law, kidnapping, hiring hitmen to take out opposing company leaders, and other dark secrets. They want equality so some take things to the extreme at times.

Mutants: These poor souls are sadly the work of an upper class business and horrendous experiments gone wrong. They were supposed to be created to be the perfect completely organic soldiers but sadly the side effects were not too kind to them. Some have remained to have their previous memories as well as having their previous human thoughts. The way the mutants act varies so some act more human like where as others act animalistic. They are currently hidden away from the public's eyes and are not to be known of but rumors have spread about strange sounds coming from the top labs and lower class citizens going missing. There is no proof of the mutants but it does not mean they do not exist.(Mutants will not be rped right away but eventually they will be.)


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RE: City Of Zenith
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RE: City Of Zenith
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