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In Memoriam: MSPARP
Offline 04-25-2019, 08:46 PM
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RE: In Memoriam: MSPARP
I'm bumping this up since the Epilogue has happened and made me realize a few things. Namely "oh fuck, I really never indulged too much in roleplaying here, did I?". Coming back here is honestly... very sobering. Like I missed something huge despite feeling like I was here not too long ago

I will be honest - I don't have a wealth of stories. But nevertheless I do have some fond memories. I signed up about 3 years ago and took the plunge as Homestuck was gearing up to wrap up. While I never really got into the groove of roleplaying Homestuck characters (and still have a hard time grasping literally everyone sadly), I really enjoyed my time here as I gave everything a go. I think my best attempt was giving a Mermaid!AU a go as Feferi. A lovely Tavros was there to spitball with me and I had never felt so satisfied as feeling everything click. Wherever you are, shy mermaid Tavros, I don't know if you realised it but you soothed my fears and my soul about giving everything here a shot <3

But this place... this place has history and soul. Not just in its memories, but in its structure. The unique echeladders, the level of customization you can do for your profile, the flat out blocky but efficient aesthetic of everything... it makes me nostalgic for a place I cannot quite name, with so many damn stories on here you feel like that you are reading the sacred texts of old

I hope it stands. I really want to keep coming back here and meet people through it for my own post-Golden Age adventures, so hopefully there are others out there who feel similarly

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