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In Memoriam: MSPARP
Offline 01-20-2019, 03:17 PM (This reply was last modified: 01-20-2019 04:20 PM by OnceUponAStrider.)(Edited by OnceUponAStrider.)
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In Memoriam: MSPARP
So it's been a very, very long time since I first joined this website. So long in fact that when I check the time on my profile, I can't believe it. It just doesn't feel real. And everytime I come on here, as its my default webpage even to this day, I see the forums being used less and less. People who made friends here now converse on other platforms like Discord (we all remember our Skype days) and it got me to think about the old days. So I thought that I'd do a little something for the website, invite a few friends I still know to come on as well, and post my story. My time with PARP, the highlights, the ups, the downs and remember the wild rollercoaster that has been this site.

So, if you're still here reading this... what's your story? I want to be able to read them here and see what this road has had for everyone. It's been a wild ride for me, and I still have a shit ton of PMs to reminisce over and old chats to find again. But let's find yours, too, yeah?
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Offline 01-20-2019, 04:33 PM
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RE: In Memoriam: MSPARP
The beginning? Wack.
The Golden Age? Wack.
The burn out phase? W a c k.
Dirk adding me on discord after not talking to me for half a century? Pretty cool actually how's your day been dudes?

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Offline 01-20-2019, 05:08 PM
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RE: In Memoriam: MSPARP
I had only joined near the end of the golden age near into the slow burn era, it was kinda sad but a lot of people also joined at that time that became my friends. Some for a short period, others for a long time, and to all of them, I am grateful.

I may had only lurked in In Character Roleplay Funtimes for most of my time here but alas, I won't be forgetting that long ass Banned Games in forum games, that sudden spike in replies on Ghoulstuck (which is still my most successful roleplay despite being cancelled in Season 3), and my most favorite thread: Dirk's Null Session Support Group. All of those helped developed my writing style significantly and built my confidence a lot growing up. Once again, I cannot thank anybody enough.

I may not have stayed here for as long as everybody, neither had I developed as long as a history as most people here, but that was a fun time that I'll surely cherish forever.

Thank you MSPARP.

OC count: 91 (and counting)

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MY AU (Under Rewrites)

I RP with OC's only :)
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Offline 01-21-2019, 03:09 AM
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RE: In Memoriam: MSPARP
i remember seeing "dirk strider dick rider" on cherubplay one time and it's stuck with me for years dude
that one sentence

my parp journey has gotten me:
- a crack ship
- a dnd group
- so many random people's snapchats
- three people i talk to on discord still (two of whom are moirails still) and possibly a fourth who's determined to be my friend (in a good way)

and honestly i wouldn't change it for the world

i rp as:
i can try:
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Offline 01-22-2019, 07:56 PM (This reply was last modified: 01-22-2019 07:57 PM by artstetic.)(Edited by artstetic.)
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RE: In Memoriam: MSPARP
i was born into this hell around the golden age, i think. maybe even the middle of it, as i plopped down and read a good chunk of homestuck at the end of 2015. not knowing what that next year would turn out to, i joined the site fresh in 2016 (?), and boy was i bad. i was fucking horrid, honestly. it was not good.

but i'm so happy those days existed, because by golly was it the best time i've ever had anywhere online. toontown couldnt compete. i never roleplayed canon, but that didn't really matter. i'd like to think i was one of those guys you saw online and made you go 'yea, they're ok'. i'll never know, of course, but i'm hoping that the few people who got my shit at the end of the stick can forgive me for it. i'm talking about you, untimelyAugur, my one and only negative rep. please forgive me. that rep haunts me to this day.
i know past me was a pretty big bitch sometimes, and i remember that moment loud and clear whenever i see you on the forums. and i really don't want to because it was really cringy and bad

besides my single burden, i still love this site fondly. maybe one day i'll become Not A Homosexual.

[Image: 2NktRQH]
just strollin' along.
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Offline 01-23-2019, 01:43 PM (This reply was last modified: 01-23-2019 05:00 PM by Bstudios.)(Edited by Bstudios.)
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RE: In Memoriam: MSPARP
I only joined recently because of my lovely little friend, Widget.

I only read Homestuck last year, due to the persistance of my best friend these days , Wakraya, edging me on to do so after I first found her. These forums, in their current dead, empty state, are the only forums I am familiar with. I hear of these wonderful roleplays and these wonderful adventures. And yet here they lay, dead as a doorknob. I'd never gotten my chance to participate in them. And sometimes it just depresses me. Because I missed everything...

And nobody is here anymore. The ones who are, are just here to fulfill their nostalgia. Or sadly bemoan the death of these forums. I wish I was here when they were alive...

I wish.

It's depressing to see so many people whom are veterans. Moaning and goraning of the death of MSPARP. And it makes me envious. Because I never got to experience this site. I never got to experience these things. I never had the chance.

In the end I've never gotten the experiences everyone else had. In a dying fandom such as this there's little here for me. But I still visit it because I'm an utter perfectionist when roleplay is involved, and such extensive BBCoding options allow me to attract people to my PMs so I can use them for roleplay.

The [img] command is honestly a lifesaver. One I wish MXRP (MSPARP) had.
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Offline 01-29-2019, 12:30 AM
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RE: In Memoriam: MSPARP
Hahah, fuck.

I dunno if I have anything super poetic to say and it's pretty frank that I as a person never really found the forums as a place to hang with people, but I'll never forget when I found myself in Birdhouse's discord and found people I'd call my friends for a while after. I'm not really fit to write something eloquent about the forums, but I think one of the defining moments of my MSPARP BETA career was inspiring everyone to make a group chat of nothing but roxy, to the point that site staff came in to help fuel what was dubbed the Supocalypse.

Honestly, I've always felt my work on the forums was lackluster in comparison to a lot of people, but I appreciate the people I've met through this and the fun I've had in my own little personal hell of roleplay sites.

I've since mostly moved on to Flarping forums, which is a pretty great platform with a community that makes me happy content creators still exist. I've really hit my stride over there and I think that's in part to this site showing me the ropes. I know I might not be the most popular person and there are things I've done that are probably regrettable, but I had a lot of fun getting to know and roleplay with you guys. Thanks.

Spade / Heart Filthy Casual Spade / Heart
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Offline 02-11-2019, 07:37 AM (This reply was last modified: 02-11-2019 07:37 AM by communalAnxiety.)(Edited by communalAnxiety.)
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RE: In Memoriam: MSPARP

>i liter@lly joined 15 minutes @go @nd i feel like @n @rch@eologist discovering the ruins of a v@st prehistoric civiliz@tion_

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hey eter
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Offline 02-11-2019, 11:01 AM
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RE: In Memoriam: MSPARP
Oh man, me too. It's the same for all us newbies.

Check out my God Tier/Fantroll Help Memo HERE :D!

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Offline 02-11-2019, 11:11 AM
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RE: In Memoriam: MSPARP
Yep, we came past its prime and now it's just a bit empty.
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