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How to: Role play about any character
Offline 12-28-2018, 11:42 AM
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How to: Role play about any character
Role playing. It's a good way to pass the time if you have nothing to do. It's even more fun when you have a specific character in mind that you muse as frequently. But what happens when you aren't too sure on something and you don't want to mess the character up? What if you're afraid that you are being less canon and more head-canon? Well the solution is simple.

First thing I can recommend is reread certain parts of the comic where you know that the character's personality would be easy to analyze. You can do this by reading their introduction, and their pesterlogs. Yes, sometimes the pesterlogs are extremely long but sometimes you have to suffer for your muse.

After you have done that, it is a good idea to head over to the wiki. Search your character up there and soak in the many key points that are highlighted within the character's personality, don't worry I will include
examples in this post. This is quite a simple way to handle things.

Things to highlight:
1.) The character's canon relationships (as in ancestors/descendants, past and current matespritships, etc, also note I'm not saying that role playing your own ships is bad, this is just sometimes important for future reference, after all we all have our ships that we just melt over.) For example: In canon, Karkat and Dave are canonly matesprits (however hussie DID say all ships were declared canon since he was tired of being bugged, so make of that what you will!)

2.) Highlight the personality. For example: Is Sn0wman a sweet, caring, and loving character? No. She's a cold hearted bitch that forced vriska to do some fucked up shit, stabbed out Spade Slick's eye, and ripped his arm off. The character's personality is the main point to this, you want to be as close to canon as possible. Headcanons are completely fine, just so long as you don't solely rely on them.

3.) The character's backstory. Another heavily important thing to look at. If you don't know the character's real backstory, this is something that is a must-know for all role players.
For example: Ms. Paint is a carapacian who lived on prospit. She was rescued from the destruction of the planet by Andrew Hussie who became her housemaster however, he was killed off by lord english. Ms. Paint was inspired by Ryan North because he made the comment "Who is Ms. Paint and why does she never appear in her adventures."

The last bit of advice I can offer is that no matter what you will get there one day. This post is mainly for the beginner role players who have just started but if you're what we call a "veteran" and want to touch up, then by all means read this too. Role playing is meant to be fun however when in character it is best to do the character justice. I don't think I've ever met someone who was perfectly on point their first time, hell I know I wasn't. I used to role play as Nepeta religiously and when I had first started out, I sucked. Bottom line. But eventually as I kept fact checking I found that I could be pretty good at role playing as her. Of course I have since moved on and I don't think I will be touching that muse again any time soon, but this is the kind of advice I would have wanted my first time on the site rather than having people discourage me from who I so desperately wanted to talk to people as.

orbitingJupiter, signing out!
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