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People who search in the wrong category.
Offline 12-26-2018, 02:48 AM
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People who search in the wrong category.
So this goes a few different ways from what I've seen. The first thing I'll talk about is how people who have sexually explicit modifiers search in the wrong categories...It would be different if it was a simple mistake and they forgot but you keep catching the same nasty ass shit in the safe for work section or the NSFW Violent section over and over again. Sometimes you get the pleasure of warning them, they disconnect, and you find them in the same category again. So you block them and whatnot but eventually another person comes along and its the same situation all over again.

Another thing that grinds my gears is the OCs who search under a canon character. You know what I'm talking about. Or even the OCs who have the nerve to search under Other MSPA. There's a section for you to role play as your OC for a reason. Now if this was someone who was using the site for the first time, I get that. Maybe they didn't notice and that's not the kind of people I am talking about here, after all we all make mistakes. I'm talking about the people who do it just so they have the higher chance of connecting to the people they know filter them out. Also I'm talking about the people who when you warn them about this, they hit you with this kind of shit "Oh but all homestuck characters are OCs" ...You were not published though.

And lastly, the group chat advertisements. You can filter these out for a reason. Yet, people still tend to search as a canon character...just to advertise group chats. And most of them that I encounter admit they know what they are doing. Sure you can just block them and not worry about it but you can't help but be annoyed. All you can think of is "Wow! A character that I am excited to talk to!" and only see that they are not interested whatsoever and are just there to advertise a group chat.

orbitingJupiter, signing out!
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